Heavy Commercial Vehicles

At TRW we understand the engineering demands of heavy commercial vehicles better than most. We’ve been in the business since 1906, and in the century since then, we have built a unique reputation for designing, developing and engineering Original Equipment [OE] parts of the highest quality. By having direct access to OE technology, TRW Proequip is the definitive global aftermarket supplier. Our huge range developed for trucks, trailers and buses includes numerous safety critical parts for the world’s hardest working vehicles.


Testing redefined

As you would expect, everything we do is driven by the need to engineer in safety and reliability that lasts. Steering and stopping heavy commercial vehicles presents serious engineering challenges and we meet them time and again. Every TRW Proequip part is tested in the laboratory, on the track and on the road to make certain that it performs faultlessly in the real world. All our truck, trailer and bus parts meet the most demanding international automotive legislation, so you can be sure that everything you supply and fit will function safely, efficiently and consistently, long term. Our total quality ethos is 100 years old and we see no reason to change it now or in the future.  


The best where it matters most

Mixing quality analysis with state of the art advances, TRW heavy commercial vehicle parts are world-beating designs that really enhance the performance and safety of vehicles that place extreme demands on their components, day after day. In addition to our own famously thorough testing procedures, TRW steering and suspension products are independently tested for System Reliability and Structural Durability at the legendary FRAUNOFER-INSTITUT in Germany. This simply means that you can rely completely on the TRW Heavy Commercial Vehicle parts range.


Brake Pads

Choose to fit TRW Proequip heavy commercial vehicle brake pads for your customers and you will be providing performance and safety enhancements that are above and beyond the alternatives. You will also be offering a world class range designed to meet the demands of all major commercial vehicles. Comfortably outperforming Original Equipment [OE] brake pads, TRW uses industry-leading advanced materials to work seamlessly with the latest anti-lock braking technology. To make your life easier and your work right first time, all fitting accessories are included in the box.

  • TRW heavy commercial vehicle brake pads easily resist brake fade caused by overheating, retain their stopping power in the wet and provide consistent pedal pressure for drivers.



In keeping with our global scale, TRW offers the largest range of linkage and suspension systems available. This means your business can provide and fit the best control arms, ball joints, tie rods and other critical parts to heavy commercial vehicle customers, safely and swiftly. Every component matches our Original Equipment [OE] specifications and delivers a desirable range of benefits, from improved efficiency and fatigue resistance to better safety and superior comfort.

  • TRW testing is legendary. Suspension components are assessed for axial and radial elasticity, rotational ability, articulation, breakaway torque as well as pull and push out forces. 


Shock Absorbers

The safe and efficient performance of heavy commercial vehicles is reliant on high quality, high performance shock absorbers, engineered to meet a diverse, challenging range of driving conditions. The TRW Proequip range offers a huge choice, engineered to meet the needs of hard working, large vehicles, mile after mile. TRW Proequip shock absorbers deliver plenty of benefits and advantages, including super-reliable valves, low friction, long-life surfaces with 20% more smoothness and metal discs within the piston valve for rapid response times.


Tailor made for tough challenges

The heavy commercial vehicle industry is growing rapidly, and with it the need to create and fit the very best aftermarket components. TRW has a peerless heritage in this market and supplies Original Equipment [OE] parts for companies such as Leyland Trucks, Daimler Trucks, Scania and Volvo. Fitting our parts to these vehicles and many others provides you with excellent opportunities and potential for business growth. TRW Proequip is a professional partner with the very best credentials.