Import Program

TRW has over 100 years of experience delivering market-leading original equipment parts to the world’s leading car companies and you’ll get just the same exceptional quality from TRW Aftermarket. We offer you exceptional coverage from a refined range. That means installers and garages can spend less time searching for parts and more time fitting them, keeping jobs moving through the garage to increase business.


Rotors and Pads

With hundreds of part numbers and complete coverage of the European car parc, you can use TRW, the leading manufacturer in the independent aftermarket, to supply your brake rotorss and pads. Give your customers excellent service from a range that offers premium quality and increasingly wide coverage, all backed by more than 100 years of TRW experience.


Drum Brake and Actuation

TRW Drum Brake and Actuation products put safety first through unmatched quality. That means quality of design, manufacture and materials, down to the tiniest detail. From brake drums and master cylinders to brake shoes and logical, time-saving fitting kits, we always match Original Equipment (OE) Manufacturer standards, through precision engineering and the toughest testing. It’s why we’re happy to offer a market-leading three-year guarantee.


Steering & Suspension

You can identify the right shocks faster with us because our refined range has the most sophisticated application list  of part numbers on the market. And you can fit fast because we’ve analyse the OE-Products down to all technical details before designing our product, to make sure there are no significant differences between TRW shocks and OE equivalents. Braking distances are cut by up to 5% when shocks are replaced in pairs. So, because safety is our number one priority, we’re leading the market by making them available to buy in twin-packs. Changing in pairs is safer because it equalizes the damping force across both shocks. It can reduce braking distance by up to 5% on emergency stops. Furthermore, during difficult driving situations, e.g. like simulated in double lance change; an equal damping force increases the threshold before the vehicle may lose control.


Commercial Vehicles

We’ve developed dozens of steering, braking & suspension innovations specifically for the commercial vehicles parts market. TRW Proequip’s commercial vehicles parts are tested in the laboratory, on the track and on the road to ensure that in the real world they work first time, every time. TRW truck parts, trailer parts and bus parts are tested to meet the most stringent international automotive legislation standards so you can be sure that everything you buy has passed the TRW test.

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