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Life is all about putting in great performances whatever you’re doing. With the help of TRW brake pads you can deliver great performances for your customer. TRW Aftermarket brake pads are the best in the business, offering high quality, reliable performance that you can trust whenever you need it. We’re the market-leading specialists when it comes to braking systems, so take advantage of our experience.  We’ll make sure you’re offering the best service, and that your customers’ vehicle safety systems perform to their best on the road every time.


Improved brake pad performance with COTEC

Our developers have come up with a way for you to get the very best from front or rear brake pad replacement. It’s called COTEC.

This advanced silicate coating is applied to the friction material of replacement brake pads, resulting in an improved contact between the brake disc and pad.

TRW COTEC brake pads can stop vehicles up to seven metres quicker than other premium brake pads during the first few stops following a pad change (known as the bedding-in period). This innovative technology means that we out-perform all major competitors during the bedding-in period of the pad, when the friction co-efficient is lower than usual.

Because it improves safety from the moment the driver leaves the garage, we’ve made the decision to coat most of our brake pads with COTEC. Over 90% of the brake pads that TRW sells in Europe, have already been COTEC coated.


DTEC enhances COTEC

In addition to COTEC, we developed DTEC, a premium quality, ceramic formulation low dust brake pad with all the safety benefits of our main COTEC-coated range plus low-dust technology to reduce rim surface dust levels by up to 45%.So you can now offer added value for your customers with DTEC brake pads for cleaner wheels.


A leader in braking

As a leader among braking system providers, we pride ourselves on delivering the very highest standards across all of our car brake pads. We do this by ensuring:

  • Total control
    100% own production of brake pads means TRW can guarantee quality parts that meet our rigorous standards
  • Unique and thorough manufacturing processes
    TRW designs and manufactures the entire brake system. This is at the heart of what we do.


State-of-the-art brake pad manufacturing

We understand the importance of friction material in front and rear brake pads. Making the friction material compound in-house allows us to find the perfect combination of raw materials from rubber to graphite, generating the safest brake pad performance across all conditions.

Our scorching techniques heat the pads to 600-700oC, which helps to reduce bedding-in time and initial fading. Automatic moulding presses allow us to use deep moulding technology, which produces a more consistent density and porosity. This will give drivers that leave the garage with our replacement brake pads fitted to their vehicles more comfortable journeys because it minimises the amount of judder and noise.


Brake discs and pads verified and tested for excellence

Every element of our aftermarket brake pads is tested multiple times, including those crucial back plates, which carry the friction material. To prevent rust from developing on the back plate we use a powder coating, and the specialist design from TRW helps the brake pad to resist high shear strengths as well as hot temperatures.


More than just the brake pads and discs

With all the advanced manufacturing and testing that we do at TRW, we can guarantee our parts, but our service is about so much more than that. When you need replacement brake pads you can call on us to provide a product that matches your precise requirements and comes with our specialist knowledge and experience.

We’ll give you all the fitting accessories required to achieve a fast fit, and our 36-month, 31,068-mile (50,000km) warranty will add value to your business, as well as bringing peace of mind to your customers.


We care about car brakes – and the environment

We all have a duty to protect the environment, so we’ve enhanced yet further the way we manufacture our brake pads. Using a highly advanced heat plate scorching system rather than traditional flame scorching, we save energy and produce less CO2 emissions – a practice which is today an original equipment (OE) standard. TRW also introduced the first environmentally-friendly brake pad programme for passenger cars in Europe, which means we never use ingredients and materials like, lead, mercury, cadmium, antimony, brass or molybdenum.


We care about brake parts – and you, too

As the leading braking systems manufacturer in the global aftermarket we have the energy, passion and dedication to make sure our products provide a real difference. Constantly trying to improve and grow our range of brake pads and discs as well as calipers and shoes, we have everything covered to make brake pad supply and service stress-free. With more than 100 years of history in manufacturing original equipment, we have the experience to make a real difference to vehicle safety across Europe.

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