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With a continuous research and development program driving a wide range of remanufactured brake calipers, pads, and rotors designed for heavy duty vehicles, you can rely on TRW to provide you with HCV brake rotors that satisfy your customers and help you to build business. We’ll give you exceptional coverage for truck brake rotors, pads, and calipers. Rely on our 100 years of TRW experience and fit it right the first time with TRW commercial vehicle brake pads, rotors, and calipers.

Our truck brake rotors and pads give you:

  • Tight tolerances for hassle-free fitment and comfortable performance
  • HCV Brake rotors and pads that meet and beat OE standards


There are millions of reasons to choose TRW HCV brake pads and rotors

We supply vehicle manufacturers and the independent aftermarket with more than 12 million brake rotors every year worldwide, so you can put your trust in us when it comes to truck brakes and pads — now and in the future. That’s because we invest in innovation, which brings you not just premium quality parts, but also the latest developments in brake rotor technology so that you can give your customers the best possible service.


High Carbon Rotors

Our High Carbon rotors exceed the OE specifications expected by manufacturers; that’s because we design them not just to meet standards but to beat them and be the best real world solution for today’s vehicles. With these rotors, you’ll get great stability, improved thermal behavior, and best performance all round.

Demands on the specification of brake rotors – from weight to braking performance to NVH (noise vibration harshness) properties – are increasing but our High Carbon Rotors will help you to meet them. A growing number of vehicle manufacturers are now introducing High Carbon rotors as standard, so to keep pace with commercial vehicle makers and users, you can rely on strong coverage from our aftermarket range.

Here’s why:

  • High Carbon rotors have optimal thermal conductivity, which ensures more consistent brake performance by enabling the rotors to run cooler.
  • High Carbon rotors are more resistant to distortion, which maintains vehicle performance.
  • High Carbon rotors give better stability and increased resistance to distortion and thermal cracking because of the improved thermal behavior.
  • High Carbon rotors improve the driving experience, with a quieter, vibration-free performance.


Wide coverage and faster fitting

One reason why so many businesses rely on us to achieve a faster fit is because our replacement brake pads and disc brake parts come complete with all the essential accessories and fitting kits required. Our Heavy Duty Line range of brake pads is completed by a set of accessories which, combined with the basic product, make it possible to cover the great majority of variations in each individual market. We offer you market-leading coverage from a refined range. That means you can spend less time searching for parts and more time fitting them, keeping jobs moving through the garage to increase business.


Tighter tolerances on brake rotors

We control every detail of every HCV brake rotor we make and we never compromise on machining tolerances or raw materials. We make all our castings from premium-quality GG20 material or GG15HC for High Carbon. And we keep tight control on three other machining tolerances: the DTV (Disc Thickness Variation) never exceeds 30 µm; the Run Out never exceeds 150 µm; and the central hole is fixed at H9 norm. With tight machining tolerances and premium quality materials, our rotors enable easier fitting and improved performance as standard.


Cast iron safety from HCV disc brakes

We make the safest and highest quality truck brake rotors because we match machining process quality with a finely controlled mixture of raw materials. TRW produces the finest gray cast iron to ensure the best possible mix from the initial casting – and, ultimately, the best end performance quality.

Through exhaustive testing, we ensure:

  • A high carbon content (for a fluidity that enables easier casting and machining, and less shrinkage).
  • A low melting temperature of 2084°F - 2192°F.
  • Robust resistance to wear.
  • A high thermal capacity.
  • Optimised rigidity through high tensile and compressive strength.

Stringent testing of castings before we release them for machining, ensuring the highest possible levels of safety.


Machined to perfection

We continue to lead the market with a range that provides excellent vehicle coverage and exceptional part quality through precision machining as well as material strength. Machining takes place on CNC production lines capable of maintaining the correct parallelism and flatness. It is controlled by sophisticated measuring instruments, and rotor positioning is ensured by the precise placement of the central and radial holes. The observance of strict tolerances is an absolute guarantee for a minimum DTV (Disc Thickness Variation) and also for a comfortable braking maneuver free of squealing and judder. That’s yet another reason why TRW Aftermarket HCV brake rotors are reliable, dependent, everyday components that you can fit with confidence.


TRW brake pads and rotors offer all-round safety

No one knows better than we do how components work together to maximize the power of the braking system; that’s because we produce not only rotors and brake pads but every type of vehicle safety solution, and we understand the best ways to protect the passengers inside every vehicle. Each element is designed and built to be a balanced part of the braking system. That’s why TRW HCV brake rotors and pads mean an easier fit for you, reliable quality for your customer, and a range of robust products that you can use to build your business with confidence.

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