Brake Calipers

TRW Aftermarket

With TRW, you can offer drivers performance and safety enhancing brake calipers for trucks, trailers, buses and many other heavy commercial vehicles. All HCV calipers are made to original equipment quality so you can fit great parts fast.

100% quality

  • All products are 100% end of line tested during production


Quality and performance assured

To ensure the greatest safety and ultimate performance, TRW’s HCV calipers are remanufactured to the highest specifications. Stringent core acceptance criteria, disassembly and remanufacturing procedures - combined with 100% end-of-line testing - results in a part that performs exactly the way the vehicle manufacturer intended. All remanufactured HCV calipers come from our own remanufacturing facilities. We’ve put our trust in the remanufacturing quality of these parts so you can offer TRW HCV calipers to your customers with complete confidence.


A range of HCV calipers that meets your needs

We continually monitor the market to give you a range that meets your needs, now and in the future. Our sales representatives are in daily contact with our customers. In cooperation with them, we define our HCV caliper program.

Our current range is concentrated on the Braking System for Knorr Bremse and covers the most requested parts in the market. To increase our market coverage and meet all customer needs, we are also developing parts for Meritor and WABCO Braking Systems.


Remanufacturing and the environment

With a modular design, HCV calipers are the ideal part for remanufacturing. In addition to providing you with the most cost-effective solutions, we help you boost efficiency by supplying the complete package. Each HCV caliper comes complete with all the necessary accessories and fitting instructions, saving you time, labor and cost.


Opportunities to grow your business

The heavy commercial vehicle industry is growing rapidly, and with it the need to create and fit the very best aftermarket components. TRW has a peerless heritage in this market and supplies Original Equipment [OE] parts for companies such as Leyland Trucks, Daimler Trucks, Scania and Volvo. Fitting our parts to these vehicles and many others provides you with excellent opportunities and potential for business growth. TRW is a professional partner with the very best credentials.

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