Brake Fluid Tester

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In every technology and discipline TRW Automotive is always at the cutting edge for safety, innovation and quality. We have worked this way for over a century so that you and your customers benefit from the best possible products, engineered and tested like no other. Naturally, our tools and accessories deliver the same failsafe excellence that you’ll find throughout our huge parts catalogue, and the TRW Aftermarket Brake Fluid Tester is a clear example.

Unlike most competitors, it measures the boiling point of brake fluid in less than a minute, independent of atmospheric influence, giving a precise indication of water penetration, time after time. The TRW Brake Fluid Tester is extraordinary fast, designed to save you time and money.

Our Brake Fluid Tester:

  • Measures the boiling point of brake fluid to identify water content with high precision
  • Pinpoints accurate results in less than one minute
  • Has total portability and toughness with a tailor made storage and carry case
  • Works exclusively from original containers, so transferring brake fluid is not necessary. Results are quicker, cleaner and environmentally friendly.

Delivering a perfect balance of unique design, ease of use and fast results, the TRW Aftermarket Brake Fluid Tester is engineered to help your business maintain the highest safety levels and true customer satisfaction.


Measuring moisture: the key challenge

The safety critical importance of brake fluid testing cannot be over stressed. When moisture contamination gets to a certain level, brake fluid loses its effectiveness and safe braking is seriously compromised. That’s why having an accurate, reliable and user-friendly measurement tool in your workshop is so important. The TRW Aftermarket Brake Fluid Tester was conceived and engineered to provide the performance you need for no-compromise assessment, day in and day out.

At TRW we recommend a brake fluid test once a year and brake fluid change at least every two years on your customers’ vehicles, or according the recommendation of the vehicle manufacturer.

The condition of brake fluid is still too often ignored, which can put customers in very real danger. TRW believes that up to three out of five cars on the road today may contain brake fluid that’s below the recommended safety limit.


Stopping power under control: TRW brake fluids

As you would expect, the TRW brake fluid range is wide, diverse and of the highest quality. Our industry benchmark products cover most vehicle types. Unbeatable for safety and consistent performance in extreme conditions, TRW brake fluids are designed to react rapidly in the latest advanced braking systems such as electronic stability programmes [ESP]. TRW brake fluids deliver better results in key performance areas such as wet and dry boiling points and viscosity, too.

  • In keeping with our demanding internal test programmes, all TRW brake fluids are tested to the extreme and so far exceed international SAE 1703 specifications with optimum braking from -50 degrees C to +50 degrees C

Even the best brake fluid will degrade in time and needs to be carefully monitored. That’s why the TRW Aftermarket Brake Fluid Tester with its unique strengths is such a vital tool.


In a brake fluid tester, simplicity counts

Use the TRW Aftermarket Brake Fluid Tester and you’ll quickly appreciate its intuitive design and the clarity of its operating instructions. First and foremost, this is technology that focuses on ultimate safety, but it also helps you to complete jobs in less time without compromising accuracy. Even the thoughtfully designed, durable carry case makes it easier and quicker to move around your workspace.

As with everything we create and engineer, the TRW Aftermarket Brake Fluid Tester helps you to deliver work of the highest standards, profitably and efficiency.


Meticulous testing is in our DNA

Testing at TRW is a fine art and a precise science. We are famous for our in-house test procedures that help us to make premium quality aftermarket products. Installers and fitters across the world trust us to deliver the best, from crucial parts to the tools and accessories that make light work of challenging jobs.

The TRW Aftermarket Brake Tester is designed to help you fine-tune and maximise vehicle braking performance where high temperatures and extreme conditions are routine but cannot be allowed to degrade performance or reduce safety. With a century of our experience behind you, and a clear focus on advanced technology, you can trust this robust and ingeniously simple product to enhance your hard work and keep customers coming back.

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