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Remanufacturing offers greater efficiency and uses fewer resources, while maintaining the highest standards of performance. TRW offers a complete range of remanufactured steering racks, remanufactured calipers, remanufactured power steering pumps and mechatronics. All are rigorously tested to OE standards and a real emphasis is placed on the quality of the core.

If you are looking for an OE quality automotive remanufactured part with a warranty as new and a range that covers the majority of the European car parc, as leading automotive remanufacturers, TRW can help.

If you can’t find the automotive part you need because it’s obsolete, our Remanufacturing Group (RMG) can source it from our dedicated facilities in the UK, Czech Republic or the USA.

Safety first from TRW

As leading OE quality automotive remanufacturers, TRW’s parts are ‘as new’. They undergo the same tests as new automotive parts and we have a stringent returns process, only using undamaged core.

Did you know that currently there are no legal guidelines to differentiate an OE quality remanufactured part and an untested – therefore – potentially unsafe part that has been salvaged from a scrap yard? Anyone can pass off a part as ‘remanufactured’ just by altering something as simple as the paint! We are working hard to change this.

Save using Remanufactured Automotive Parts

And if you want to save up to twenty five percent on a new replacement automotive part and help the environment by reducing the use of raw materials, you’re in the right place.

Automotive remanufacturing for other brands
Did you know we act as automotive remanufacturers for a number of well-known brands? This gives us a unique position.

Non Automotive Remanufactured Parts?

Did you know that other transport areas use remanufactured parts? For example, Remanufactured power steering pumps are used in rebuilt marine engines. There is also a market for remanufactured train parts, remanufactured wind turbines and rebuilt tractor parts. The methods of remanufacturing are very similar.

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