Track Control Arms

TRW Aftermarket

Use TRW Aftermarket, one of the most respected suppliers of high-quality aftermarket parts in the world, to bring safety to your customers and your business.  Through our Steering and Suspension department we can offer the most advanced Track Control Arm range available on the market.

Choosing TRW Aftermarket is a simple and straightforward choice, with our control arm parts providing the following tangible benefits for drivers:

  • Improved fuel economy with optimised weight and shape through finite element techniques
  • Temperature resistant parts that perform in all conditions
  • More than 1,000 types of control arm components to choose from to cover all vehicle types
  • Enhanced ride handling and performance with a collection of rubber, metal and hydraulic bushes

With the most rigorous testing process employed across all of our parts you can be sure that TRW products are the best in the business.


Why are control arms so important?

A track control arm is the hinged suspension link that connects the chassis and the suspension that carries the wheel. Attached with a single pivot, normally a rubber bushing, the control arm can adjust the position of the outboard end while sustaining the radial distance from the inboard mount. A track control arm is one of the most mechanically impressive parts of the suspension system, which means it is important to replace them when they become worn or broken.

Often the reason a replacement is required is due to the ball joint or bushing being worn out, but it can be very difficult and expensive to replace these components separately. This is why TRW believes that replacing the whole part will be more efficient and provide a longer lasting fix. Drivers should also consider changing the control arm when the wheel has been damaged due to an accident.


The benefits of choosing a TRW Track Control Arm

TRW Track Control Arms come in a range of shapes and sizes depending on the vehicle application. Finite element techniques from our expert technicians also help to optimise the weight and shape of the control arms.

The current TRW Control Arm range offers you more than 1,000 types of control arm component. This vast array of parts allows us to provide specialist help and support to a wide range of vehicle types. With upper and lower control arms for front and rear suspensions, we really do have everything covered when it comes to control arms.


Exceptional parts ensures safety on the road

Our selection of Upper and lower Track Control Arms features:

  • Aluminium forged Track Control Arms
  • Aluminium cast Track Control Arms – which are extremely low weight to ensure high performance levels
  • Steel forged Track Control Arms
  • Steel stamped Track Control Arms

Ball Joints also feature in our steering and suspension range of parts, which are crafted using state-of-the-art techniques to make sure that they deliver an exceptionally high performance. These parts are all temperature resistant so that they can perform in any conditions as well as offering low-torque and high comfort solutions. With a range from 25mm to 42mm, and with integral as well as non-integral designs, TRW caters for every vehicle type. TRW also produces a mixture of rubber, rubber and metal and hydraulic bushes as part of the range.


Track control arms tested to ensure excellence

From the TRW Test and Validation Centre in Dusseldorf we can ensure that all of our Track Control Arms meet the exacting standards that we set, and exceed the required regulations.  The results of independent, industry tests as well as our own in-house processes highlight that TRW products last longer than any other products on the market when placed under extreme pressure.

Our own individual testing methods include the following:

  • Acoustic measurements to improve driver comfort
  • Strength testing to measure durability
  • Drive tests
  • Assembly technique to examine critical safety features
  • Leak testing
  • Push/Pull Out Test – which can produce the exact experience that a car wheel suffers when it drives over a pothole or bump in the road


Original Equipment experience

With a direct partnership between TRW and vehicle manufacturers, we are always at the forefront of the latest developments in the industry so you can offer drivers the best solutions. As the Control Arms form a vital part of the chassis system, it is crucial that cars are fitted with the latest parts to ensure efficiency and optimum performance. With facilities in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific you can be assured that we will supply Original Equipment (OE) to all customers.

Our newest facility in Johor Bahru (JB), Malaysia features the very latest design and manufacturing technology, which gives us the ability to produce cutting edge products that can be delivered to all of our customers.

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