Stabiliser Links

TRW Aftermarket

TRW Aftermarket offers premium quality Steering and Suspension parts that have been designed to deliver tangible safety benefits for drivers. Choosing TRW Aftermarket will give you the chance to provide drivers with the latest stabiliser link technology.

A TRW Stabiliser Link offers:

  • Parts made from corrosion-resistant steel, aluminium and glass fibre reinforced plastic – reducing the weight
  • A more comfortable ride with the impact of damping vibrations lowered
  • Proven steel stabiliser links when glass fibre models cannot be fitted
  • Certified manufacturing sites meaning economical and efficient production
  • More than 80% of TRW parts made in TRW factories – allowing us to uphold quality standards

Every stabiliser link we produce is tested to the extreme, which means you can have peace of mind that it will perform when it is needed most. With Original Equipment (OE) designs, you can trust TRW to deliver the very latest and best safety equipment.


Stabiliser links with immediate, positive results

The replacement of a faulty stabiliser link with a new TRW stabiliser link on a car has an immediate, easy to identify effect on the quality of driving. The benefits of a TRW stabiliser link are:

  • Improved fuel economy
  • Lower emissions
  • Enhanced driving comfort and support

With years of experience in the aftermarket, TRW can supply high-quality, efficiently produced parts that make a real difference to driver safety on the road. As designers and manufacturers of OE components, you can trust TRW to provide exceptional products that can meet a wide range of vehicle types, designs and needs.

TRW stabiliser links come in either corrosion-resistant steel, aluminium or glass fibre reinforced plastic. Every stabiliser link is constructed using the very latest techniques with advanced equipment from our workshops around the world, allowing us to utilise the skills of more than 4,000 scientists, designers, engineers and technicians. With more than 80% of TRW parts sold into the aftermarket made in TRW factories, this commitment to quality is always upheld.


Stabiliser links – taking the punishment so you don’t have to

A stabiliser link performs a crucial role in the performance of any vehicle, connecting other parts of the suspension set up that absorb the shocks from potholes or bumps in the road. Therefore stabiliser links or stabiliser bars need to be performing at their best to guarantee driver safety and comfort.

If a stabiliser link or bar is not performing as well as it should be in a vehicle, the handling and shock absorption can be affected, which will mean a car or van will sway too much during turning. This could result in a loss of control, a very dangerous consequence for drivers. A poorly working stabiliser link can also lead to uncomfortable rides as well as reduced efficiency. For these reasons it is of critical importance that the stabiliser link in any car is working properly. And with TRW’s high-quality, longer lasting parts you can be sure it is.


Unique innovation for supreme performance

TRW’s corrosion-resistant stabiliser bars are made with glass fibre reinforced plastic, which means that weight is reduced and the impact from vibrations is improved. When glass fibre models cannot be fitted due to loading conditions or space restrictions, TRW can still supply a proven steel stabiliser bar instead.


The most rigorous testing process

A TRW stabiliser bar is one of the best in the world because we carry out the most extreme tests and examinations to make sure that it can deliver high performance in all conditions. In line with the international regulations for OE specification, we have our own manufacturer quality standards that all parts must meet before they go to market. This includes road tests as well as advanced test machines, so you can be assured of their performance levels. The testing process includes:

  • Acoustic measures that aim to make driving more enjoyable and comfortable
  • Durability testing that measures strength
  • Environmental resistance for all weather conditions – carried out over many cycles
  • Assembly technique testing
  • Leak-free performance analysis
  • On-road tests around the world at dedicated TRW tracks
  • Wear test simulation for all driving styles
  • Torque tests ensuring easy movement of the wheels and
  • Elasticity tests that simulate the experience of a car driving over a pothole or bumpy road


Environmental consideration

We understand that we have a duty to ensure that our work is carried out ethically and with the environment in the forefront of our minds.  We are proud to say that all of our manufacturing sites have been recognised as certified DIN/ISO 16949: 2002 and DIN EN ISO 14001 sites. This philosophy is carried into all of our products as well, helping vehicles across the world to be more efficient and economical.


Global support

Working in more than 25 countries across the world and with as many as 40 vehicle manufacturers, our work really does have a global reach. Wherever you are based we can help you, and with integrated marketing support packages, product updates, training programmes, technical support and e-newsletters, TRW has everything covered.

You can find out more about TRW stabiliser links and stabiliser bars by following the links on our website to the online catalogue. Here you will be able to search for a specific part or just browse the full range of products that cover your requirements.

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