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You can identify the right shocks faster with us because our refined range has one of the most sophisticated application list on the market. And you can fit fast because we analyse the OE-Products down to all technical details before designing our product, to make sure our shock absorbers are equivalent to original equipment.

Choosing a TRW shock absorber means:

  • Innovative designs with a huge range and outstanding quality thanks to our extreme testing processes
  • Fitting TRW parts is a brilliant way of offering improved safety on the road for all drivers
  • Polish process for the rod results in 20% smoother surface for a better seal and longer shock absorber life
  • Packaged in pairs for a complete replacement resulting in considerably higher safety of the vehicle.

Covering 98% of the European vehicle parc with 1.100 part numbers, you can trust that we know what we’re doing when it comes to shock absorbers.


Safety in pairs

Braking distances can be cut by up to 5% when shocks are replaced in pairs. So, because safety is our number one priority, we’re leading the market by making them available to buy in twin-packs. Changing in pairs is safer because it equalizes the damping force across both shocks. It can reduce braking distance by up to 5% on emergency stops. Furthermore, during difficult driving situations, e.g. like simulated in double lance change; an equal damping force increases the threshold before the vehicle may lose control.


The importance of a shock absorber

From braking to handling, shock absorbers are exceptionally important for a large number of vehicle functions. Designed to absorb and dampen the impact of shock impulses, they convert kinetic energy into heat, which can then be safely dissipated away.

If the shock absorbers on a vehicle are worn or damaged it could lead to aquaplaning, a reduction in the life of the tyres as well as increased braking distances. If shock absorbers aren’t fully functioning they can also increase the stress on other parts of the vehicle. That’s why it’s vitally important to check and change them regularly. Failure to do so can lead to problems with wheel bearings, the steering rack and ball joints.

All TRW shocks are produced using the very highest OE quality standards to ensure that they deliver a premium performance level that helps to enhance safety, performance, comfort and protection.

The TRW range of Performance Gas and Hydraulic Plus shock absorbers includes the following:

  • Macpherson struts
  • Strut inserts
  • Conventional shocks
  • Front shock absorbers
  • Rear shock absorbers
  • Heavy duty shock absorbers
  • Load compensating
  • Steering dampers


The latest shock absorber technology

At TRW we never rest on our past success, which is what helps us to stay at the forefront of the aftermarket industry. The latest shock absorber innovation from our technicians includes:

  • An over-moulded Teflon piston ring, creating perfect cohesion between piston and inner tube. This also acts to reduce wear, helping drivers to have more comfortable journeys for longer.
  • Polish process technology for the shock absorber rod. A level of roughness below 0.08 microns results in a perfect seal, helping to lengthen the life span of the shock absorber.
  • Advanced valve discs technology. Calibrated to 1/100mm, drivers will get quicker response times from their shocks, which results in improved safety performance.
  • Elastic metal discs – helping to increase the damping precision.


Higher shock absorber quality than ever before

With a seal that is constantly lubricated, the friction level on a shock absorber is reduced dramatically. TRW shocks also have the rod hardened before polishing, which results in a 20% smoother surface for increased longevity compared to standard market specification. Oversized compression valves and strong valve retainers means our parts can deal with extreme conditions as well.


Rely on the tried and tested

TRW is very proud of the testing processes that we carry out on our front and rear shock absorbers. Meeting the very stringent OE specifications as well as our own high standards, you can be assured that all TRW suspension parts will outperform our market rivals, which is why choosing TRW makes sense. Complete in-house production and assembly of all products means we can oversee the full examination of every part, guaranteeing uniquely high quality. Testing methods carried out cover:

  • Low and high velocity testing schedules – allowing us to regulate the damping settings and associated ride comfort.
  • Endurance – we make sure that the durability and behaviour over a long period of time remains exceptional.
  • Verification of damping and dimensions – each batch involves a part being tested on bench.
  • Road tests help to deliver optimum handling performance.

We take our shock absorbers to some of the coldest parts of Europe and across some of the roughest tracks in Africa. That means we’ve accounted for the most extreme of extreme conditions, so that you don’t have to worry about performance.


Shock absorbers that are second to none

With the ambition of being the first to market with our new inventions and improvements, TRW will not stand for second place. This drive and determination is one of the reasons why our parts are so popular, enabling us to deliver a safer, better driving environment for all. Working closely with vehicle manufacturers, we can remain ahead of the trend curve to produce parts that set the standards in the industry.

You can find out more about the selection of TRW shock absorbers by browsing the online parts catalogue. 

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