Remanufactured Steering Racks and Pumps

TRW Aftermarket

Choosing TRW Aftermarket is an exceptional way of guaranteeing the outstanding quality and service that will keep your customers coming back for more. Our selection of steering and suspension products have gained industry recognition for their durability, strength and performance, making us the number one choice when it comes to steering systems.

The main benefits of choosing TRW for steering rack, pump and column drive remanufacture includes:

  • Market leader on remanufactured column drives
  • Power Steering Pump coverage of more than 87% across Europe
  • Huge and in-depth knowledge of rack and pinion parts – supplying steering racks and pumps for a quarter of the vehicles in the world


TRW steering rack, pump and column drive parts travel the world

With TRW steering racks, pumps and column drives fitted in one-in-three European vehicles, and a quarter of vehicles throughout the world, we have a distinct advantage over other aftermarket suppliers, with an innate understanding of a large proportion of the rack and pinion steering system market place. Through our innovative service we can remanufacture steering racks, pumps and column drives and offer them to you from stock, helping to reduce costs as well as the impact on the environment.


Better steering performance for longer

It’s our own in-house testing processes that make our remanufactured steering systems perform so well. These processes cover: acoustic measurements for driver comfort, strength tests, environmental resistance, wear tests, assembly technique and road testing. All of these examinations mean that the steering  system is equipped and prepared to deal with the real world, offering tangible safety and protection benefits for drivers.


Steering system safety is paramount

Steering system remanufacturing is the only way to ensure that older vehicles continue to perform safely on the road. Our high standards and rigorous testing processes offer peace of mind to you and your customers, and this is reinforced by the TRW guarantee.

We design and produce the original steering and braking systems for several major manufacturers, so we understand the importance of upholding the highest safety standards. All of our steering  products are tested to original equipment standards, which helps us to meet and exceed the international regulations.

With more than 4,000 engineers, scientists, designers and technicians working across 27 countries TRW can deliver a comprehensive service to more than 40 vehicle manufacturers. This gives us a unique standing, helping us to outperform our competitors in the steering and suspension market place.


Outstanding steering  portfolio

From our factory in the Czech Republic, TRW runs an all-makes programme for remanufacturing steering gears and pumps across Europe. As you can see below, we cover a huge proportion of the European aftermarket with a wide range of products.

Steering Gear Line:

  • 536  types of assisted steering gear parts
  • 175 types of non-assisted  steering gear parts

Power Steering Pump Line:

  • 357  types of hydraulic steering pump parts
  • 48  types of electrical steering pump parts

Column Drive Line:

  • 232 types of electrical column drive parts
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