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Millions of drivers rely on correctly fitted, high quality drum brakes to give their cars safety critical stopping power and stability in challenging situations. TRW Superkits are designed and engineered to facilitate the simple, accurate and cost efficient fitment of drum brakes on a huge range of vehicles, with everything needed for a first class job in one box.

The benefits of choosing TRW for Superkits include:

  • 50% shorter repair times to save you time and money
  • A kit that’s been through a thorough testing programme, guaranteed by the TRW hologram
  • TRW Super Incremental Adjuster for automatic maintenance
  • Bi-metallic thermoclip for ideal brake pedal pressure

With technical innovations, clear instructions and proven quality, TRW Superkits give you an aftermarket solution that effortlessly meets Original Equipment standards. We’re one of the world’s leading Original Equipment (OE) brake drum manufacturers, with a wealth of experience and expertise in drum brake technology. For professionals in the aftermarket, this brings many advantages, based on our global proven quality and industry approved intelligent solutions.

They make the maintenance and repair of drum brakes with automatic adjustment faster, simpler and very efficient, and allow the hassle-free fitment of whole groups of components in one go.


Everything you need in a single box

Every TRW Superkit is a one-stop solution. It has a single part number, arrives in one box, and allows for one precise, accurate repair that is cost-effective and quick with no need to reuse worn or corroded parts. Inside your TRW Superkit box you’ll find:

  • Two sets of pre-assembled and pre-adjusted brake shoes
  • Two wheel cylinders
  • Two automatic adjusters
  • Retaining springs
  • Securing pins for shoes
  • Correct grease
  • Comprehensive fitting instructions

With TRW you’ll get it right the first time, and every time.


Safety-first Superkits

The safety critical importance of drum brakes means that there is no room for compromise, with maximum brake performance and stability significantly enhanced by rear axle braking - particularly in emergency situations. In the UK alone, a high volume of vehicles are fitted with drum brakes, so using and fitting the finest is a very important business.

As with other key parts such as rear shock absorbers, when vital elements wear out and lose their effectiveness they should be replaced immediately. Spring tension, for example can decrease by up to 50% in just three years. But research shows that for total safety the combined group of braking components should all be replaced, to avoid imbalance and uneven braking.


More advantages, shorter fitting time

TRW Superkits are carefully designed and meticulously engineered to ensure top performance and simple fitment whilst saving you valuable time. Essentially, they work better for everyone.

  • Because Superkits are pre-assembled, repair times can be up to 50% shorter, so they can save you an estimated 30 minutes per job.
  • Every TRW Superkit is manufactured to our world leading OE quality standards.
  • Each includes adjusters, brake shoes, wheel cylinders and all the accessories you need, such as the correct grease, caps and nuts for attachment and assembly. As a complete package it is designed to make your life easier and your work more efficient, especially when repairing French vehicles.
  • Quality is beyond question, with all products made in-house and subjected to 100% end-of-line testing. You can depend on the integrity and reliability of our drum brake Superkits every time.
  • Our reassuringly thorough testing programme is fully documented, approved and guaranteed by the TRW hologram that you’ll find on each Superkit box.


Incremental precision

To further enhance our tried and trusted Superkit range, we have developed the ingenious TRW Super Incremental Adjuster. Approved and Homologated by the Federal Motor Transport Authority of Germany, the adjusters automatically maintain the critical clearance between brake shoe and brake drum.

An innovative addition to the Super Incremental Adjuster is the thermoclip, which goes between the push rod and adjuster nut. This bi-metallic component then regulates the distance between brake shoe and brake drum as the brake drum diameter expands with heating during heavy use. By increasing the length of the adjuster unit, the adjuster is prevented from operating until both brake drum and thermoclip have cooled, which prevents blocking. Standard in many OE braking systems, adjusters play an important part in maintaining optimum brake pedal pressure and feel for the driver.

TRW Superkits always include either the Super Incremental Adjuster, or one of our alternative adjuster solutions.


TRW Adjusters at a glance


  • They compensate for heat expansion in the brake drum.
  • They are designed to stop over adjustment and shoe seizure.
  • They optimise handbrake performance.
  • The units are greased for a long, fault-free service life.


Springs and wheel cylinders

Every single component and detail in a TRW Superkit is made without compromise. Springs correctly locate the shoe so that there is no contact with the drum, hold the shoe firmly against the backplate and are thoroughly protected against corrosion.

Brake wheel cylinders are made from aluminium or cast iron and prevent hydraulic leaks through high quality and precise manufacturing tolerances. All rubber elements are high specification and easily match OE quality.


TRW is the difference

At TRW we balance large-scale with minute attention to detail. We are the second biggest business in the global aftermarket and we have the passion and dedication to engineer the best components, from Superkits to shock absorbers. Everything you find in a TRW Superkit benefits from our 100 years of experience, our dedication to quality and our drive to keep innovating.  It means that you can get on with the business of supplying and fitting safety critical parts, secure in the knowledge that you’re using industry standard, approved engineering.

For more information on TRW Superkits contact your local TRW sales representative today, or browse the full selection of Superkits in our parts catalogue.

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