Drum Brake Systems

TRW Drum Brake products put safety first through unmatched quality. That means quality of design, manufacture and materials, down to the tiniest detail. From brake drums and wheel cylinders to brake shoes and time-saving fitting kits, we always match Original Equipment (OE) Manufacturer standards, through precision engineering and the toughest testing.

And you can also add unmatched choice to this fail-safe quality, because our product range is huge. Big enough, in fact, to offer the most comprehensive coverage available, with more than 95% of the European vehicle parc included. We also take real pride in getting brand new range extensions to the market first, giving us – and you – an innovative edge.

To save you time, we’ve created a range of easy to fit integrated Superkits that reduce repair times by up to 50% in the workshop. These kits simply provide everything you need to carry out a first class repair in a single box.

And we want to help the environment, too, so we’ve developed a range that includes:

  • Heavy metal free brake linings
  • Surface coating free of CRVI

That means you can supply and fit TRW Drum Brake systems parts safe in the knowledge that you’re minimising waste and pollution. We offer you an all-encompassing balance of strengths: guaranteed quality; ‘no compromise’ safety; intelligent, efficient product design; and a peerless range.


A range like no other, from brake drums to brake shoes and wheel cylinders

With drum brakes fitted to 45% of new cars across the world, the quality and engineering integrity of drum brakes parts is hugely important. But because these vital components are usually hidden from view, they are sometimes ignored or neglected. No braking system – however good from the start – will work safely if key parts are not functioning perfectly. Stopping power and stability will be compromised by poor maintenance and second-rate technology, and that’s why TRW Aftermarket is the first choice when you’re supplying or fitting drum brake parts such as the brake drum, brake shoe or wheel cylinder for your customers. 


It starts with the drum brake…

The millions of TRW Drum Brakes fitted as standard are all the proof you need that our OE-matching quality parts are trusted by both manufacturers and professional installers everywhere, but brake drums are simply the beginning of the story. TRW Aftermarket is proud to make a diverse and comprehensive range of individual parts and intelligently designed fitting kits that prioritise safety, ease of fitment and durability. Through meticulous testing and the use of the best materials, inspired design and a passion for top class construction, we supply everything you need to fit the finest whilst saving time and money. Here are some of the key TRW Drum Brake products that make all the difference.


Superkits provide garages and installers with the simplest and most cost effective way to service drum brakes. A Superkit has everything you need to do the job perfectly, including brake shoes, wheel cylinders and  adjusters. Everything required is supplied in a single box.

  • Superkits can save you up to 50% of repair time.


Brake Shoes and Shoe Fitting Kits from TRW provide the most comprehensive range available in Europe. Guaranteed to work exactly as they should, time and time again with quiet efficiency, TRW Aftermarket Brake Shoes are supported by Brake Shoe Fitting Kits that enable safe, fast and professional repair. All of our brake shoes are environmentally friendly and chrome 6-free, with heavy metal free lining.

  • The TRW range is second to none. We offer more than 420 brake shoe references and around 300 Brake Shoe Fitting Kits. We simply offer one of the widest vehicle parc coverage in Europe.


Brake Kits from TRW are carefully designed to save you time, money and hassle. In every single box you will find brake shoes, wheel cylinders, shoe hold down pins and pull-off and steady pins. In other words, everything that counts, with no need to reuse worn or corroded old components. Each element in a TRW Brake Kit has been tested and tested again, on the bench, the track and on the road, so you can be confident that you are supplying and fitting the definitive aftermarket solutions.

  • Every TRW Aftermarket Brake Kit box carries the unmistakable TRW hologram. Its a symbol that signifies total quality and high performance for safe braking.


Brake Drums from TRW provide a powerful mix of features and capabilities. Impressive stopping power, high torque capacity and consistent performance under load are all part of the formula. Covering 94% of the European car parc with 330 references, all are made to our OE specification, and arrive complete with grease, bearing ring, nut and clear supportive fitting instructions. The range includes brake drums with integrated bearings and bi-metallic models that combine cast iron and steel. Today, 45% of new cars are fitted with drum brakes and this proportion will remain above 40% for the next five years at least. The technology remains the most cost effective braking solution for many cars and so fitting the finest parts available remains a vital safety service, as well as a major business opportunity.

  • Every single TRW brake drum is marked with a traceability code, maximum diameter and date