Electric Blue Brake Pads

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Good for performance. Good for the environment. Good for business.

TRW Electric Blue is a new innovative range of products that serves electric and hybrid vehicles. The first installment in our range is the TRW Electric Blue Brake Pad. It’s tested to the highest standards and helps to reduce noise and vibration. And it enables you to offer a brake pad change for 97% of the electric vehicles in continental Europe, as well as 92% of hybrids. With the TRW Electric Blue range, we’re providing you with better solutions for the growing electric vehicle market.

When the world demands innovation, TRW delivers


  • A truly innovative solution and the first of its kind in the aftermarket
  • Reduces noise and vibration which is more apparent at the electric vehicles because of missing combustion engine noises
  • 97% coverage of the European electric vehicle parc including popular vehicles such as Tesla, Nissan Leaf and 92% hybrid vehicle coverage including Toyota Prius and other leading makes

Development of the TRW Electric Blue Brake Pad was driven by increasing demand for electric vehicles in the European market. To meet these demands, we have created a pad that reduces noise and vibration. It is available in 21 part numbers, covering 25 applications, and can be fitted to 97% of electric vehicles in Europe, as well as hybrids.

Current trends in E-Mobility

The automotive world is changing. Legislatures in Europe, the US, China and Japan require fleets to reduce CO2 emissions by 2020, and a reduction of 30% by 2025 is under discussion. These legislatures, as well as other country-dependent subsidies, are driving companies to introduce more electric or hybrid models to their fleets.

Against this background, ZF Aftermarket Product Management, together with Product Engineering, has developed the TRW Electric Blue Brake Pad to help our customers with these challenges.

Less is more

A key objective was the reduction of interior braking noise can be heard more due to the lack of engine noise produced by electric vehicles. Furthermore, the Electric Blue Brake Pads comes with blue shims that not only visually differentiate this range but also support the original target with increased damping properties.

All Electric Blue Brake Pads are supplied with the necessary rubberised accessories that additionally support the pads noise-damping properties. With the TRW Electric Blue Brake Pad we are providing features that solve the NVH problem faced by OEMs – and bringing those solutions to the aftermarket.

Faster fitting of brake parts


  • Exceptional coverage for almost any vehicle
  • Each pad comes with fitting accessories and warranty

All this product innovation and enhanced safety is matched with great service quality. The TRW Electric Blue Brake Pad comes with all the fitting accessories required to achieve a fast fit, and our (50,000km) warranty will give you peace of mind and add value to your business.

The technology behind our brake pads

The back plate of the TRW Electric Blue Brake Pad – backed itself by the noise prevention blue shim – is powder coated to reduce the development of rust. This robust plate is then bonded to the friction material with a unique adhesive compound that can withstand extremely high temperatures and shear strengths.

Brake pads that meet the standard

But for TRW the testing doesn’t end there. TRW Aftermarket brake pads are tested to the extreme, both in the lab during production and on the road (just like original equipment pads) to meet industry standards. Following a noise matrix test, a vehicle durability run and a NVH test under specification SAE J2521A have been conducted. Approval scoring for NVH within OE specification is 7 and above (in a scale of 1 to 10), whereas Electric Blue Pads had a score which has exceeded 9.

Outstanding service for car brakes and beyond

We’ll give you outstanding performance in braking technology, and customer service. This means wider coverage and easier fitting to keep your business moving, keeping your customers satisfied every time.

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