Electric Blue Brake Pads

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Electric Blue’s innovative brake pads reduce noise and vibration in electric vehicles and hybrids – good news for customers who like a quieter drive.


  • Exceptional NVH score of 9/10 (OE specification is only 7/10)
  • Be confident about coverage: our 21 part numbers cover 97% of EVs and 30 part numbers for hybrids in Europe
  • Distinctive blue shim for easy identification
  • Supplied with rubberised accessories for noise-dampening
  • Faster fitting, thanks to precise design – even the fixings are included
  • Give your customers peace of mind with our 31,068-mile (50,000km) warranty


TRW leads the way in EV braking

Quieter engines need quieter brakes. As recognised global braking specialists, we have provided automotive vehicle manufacturers (OEMs) with solutions to the noise, volume and harshness (NVH) challenges associated with electric and hybrid vehicles. These innovative solutions are also now available to the aftermarket as the TRW True Originals Electric Blue range.

This innovative range of braking products – the first of its kind – was designed and made by TRW especially to meet the increasing demand for electric and hybrid vehicles and in Europe. Our wide coverage includes popular EVs and hybrids such as Tesla, Nissan Leaf and the Toyota Prius, as well as many other market leaders.


A mobility solution that exceeds the brief

Electric Blue brake pads are engineered to noticeably reduce noise and vibration, a significant benefit for your customers. Their distinctive blue shims visually differentiate the range and contribute increased noise-damping properties. Even the necessary accessories are rubberised to support noise-damping, and each pad comes with our 50,000km guarantee

All TRW True Originals brake pads are tested to the extreme, and the Electric Blue range is no exception. Not only do these brake pads meet all our safety, durability and performance standards (exceeding industry requirements), they also undergo a noise matrix test and an NVH test to specification SAE J2521A.

We’re also keen to point out that, once again, our technicians have excelled themselves in Electric Blue’s design and manufacture. While approval scoring for NVH within OE specification is 7/10 or more, Electric Blue brake pads score more than 9/10.


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