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TRW True Originals DTEC brake pads offer all the safety benefits of our COTEC coating range, plus low-dust technology to reduce rim surface dust levels by 45%.


  • Low dust formulation for cleaner-looking wheels
  • Your customers will appreciate significantly less noise
  • No compromise on safety performance
  • Exceptional coverage of the European vehicle parc
  • Each TRW True Originals brake pad comes with the necessary fitting accessories and warranty


Exceptional safety from the industry’s braking specialists 

We’ve been designing and producing original equipment for automotive vehicle manufacturers for nearly 100 years, so it’s no surprise that we’re the leading braking systems manufacturer in the global aftermarket, too.

TRW True Originals rear and front brake pads offer more safety, wider coverage and easier fitting. We make DTEC brake pads using a premium ceramic formulation that reduces rim surface dust by up to 45%, and our COTEC friction coating cuts the stopping distances on new brake pads by up to 7 metres*

COTEC is the unique friction coating developed by TRW that significantly improves safety after brake pad replacement, improving the contact between the brake pad and disc to outperform both our major competitors and original equipment.


Advanced manufacturing techniques


We make the back plates of TRW True Originals brake pads from high quality steel, and powder-coat them to inhibit rust. We bond the robust back plate to the friction material using a unique adhesive compound that can withstand extremely high temperatures and shear strengths (we know, because we’ve tested them to extremes).

We heat the friction material to up to 700°C to carbonise the first 0.5 to 1.5mm of its surface, getting rid of any trapped gases and resins. This reduces the need for bedding in and enhances brake pad performance. It’s a more effective process than conventional brake pad scorching, and not all aftermarket suppliers will go this far – some don’t even carry out a scorching process at all.

The scorched plate layer is then given an innovative surface coating that optimises friction right from the first stop – your customers will feel the benefit of better braking as soon as they drive away from your workshop.


Brake pads that set the standard

All TRW True Originals brake pads meet the strict ECE R90 specifications that apply to all aftermarket brands. But for us, the testing doesn’t end there, but continues in the lab, on the road and in between (for example, we carry out shear strength testing during production control). We test our brake pads to the extreme to meet industry standards. Then we test them harder, so that they meet TRW standards.


Reduce noise levels when you fit TRW brake discs and pads


TRW True Originals brake pads are fitted with high quality shims that act as a damper on the backing plate – we use the same metal and rubber shim combination and special adhesive that’s used in original equipment.

Our brake pads and discs are tested in our NVH (noise vibration harshness) laboratories and on the road. This supports the noiseless function of brakes. To eliminate noise we use a glass fiber reinforced phenolic shims or in more noise sensitive applications stainless steel shims with different combination of damping materials. Only a specific combination ensures an NVH free brake system. TRW pads and discs to work quiet together.


Faster fitting, great for you and your customer

All this product innovation and enhanced safety is matched with great service quality, too. We’ll give you all the fitting accessories required to achieve a fast fit, and our 31,068-mile (50,000km) warranty will give you peace of mind and add value to your business.

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* Independently tested by RDW

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