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Take confidence in choosing replacement brake discs from TRW, the original braking experts and global designers of OE safety systems.


  • Exceptional coverage of the European vehicle parc
  • Braking safety, performance and value to OE standards, and better
  • Tight manufacturing tolerances for a hassle-free fit
  • Residue-free packaging – use straight out of the box


Millions rely on TRW True Originals brake discs

As industry-recognised global braking specialists, we produce over 12 million brake discs every year for vehicle manufacturers and the independent aftermarket. TRW True Originals are just that: originals that are never just a copy of an existing model. We design and build everything from the ground up to meet the real world challenges your customers face, and because we never stop researching and developing new safety and performance features, you’ll always have access to the latest developments in braking technology to pass on to your customers.


No grease, no cleaning, no delays

Did you know that we pack all our brake discs in VCI (volatile corrosion inhibator) paper rather than coating them in oil or rust preventative? You just take them out of the box and get to work – no need to waste time cleaning it off before fitting. 

To provide increased corrosion resistance and performance, our product developers devised a new industry concept: black painted brake discs. By coating parts of the disc in our specially formulated black paint, we create a unique surface that acts as a protective barrier against corrosion.


Tight tolerances for cast iron disc performance


When we manufacture TRW True Originals, we control every detail of every part. Because we’re committed to producing the safest and highest quality brake discs, we use a carefully controlled mixture of raw materials to produce the finest grey cast iron. By undertaking this process, it means that we can be sure of the best possible casting for the best performance quality.

All our castings are made to tight tolerances using top-quality EN-GJL-150 or EN-GJL-200 cast iron material. 

  • Disc thickness variation (DTV) never exceeds 10µm
  • Runout never exceeds 30µm
  • The central hole is fixed at H8 norm

Castings are subject to stringent safety tests and controls before being released for machining. These close tolerances provide hassle-free fitting for you, and comfortable performance for your customer.


Enhanced braking safety with mounted bearings

The TRW True Originals range includes brake discs with integrated bearings and ABS sensor rings. Using oil, worn or damaged bearings increases the risk of disc damage, so TRW True Originals brake discs are available ready-assembled with mounted wheel bearings. We also provide toothed and magnetic ABS sensor rings.


Tighter tolerances on brake discs

When we design our Original Equipment, we control every detail of every part, and we don’t compromise on raw materials, or on machining tolerances. All our castings are made of top-quality GG20 material or GG15HC for High Carbon. And we keep tight control on three other machining tolerances: the DTV (Disc Thickness Variation) never exceeds 12 µm; the Run Out never exceeds 30 µm; and the central hole is fixed at H8 norm. That means hassle free fitment and comfortable performance without surprises.


Disc brakes with cast iron safety

Because we’re committed to producing the safest and highest quality brake discs, a carefully controlled mixture of raw materials is used to produce the finest grey cast iron. Machining process quality isn’t enough – it has to be the best possible mix from the initial casting for the best end performance quality.

Our exhaustive tests ensure:

  • High carbon content (the fluidity allows easier casting and machining, plus a low degree of shrinkage)
  • Low melting temperature (1140°C- 1200°C)
  • High wear resistance
  • High thermal capacity
  • High tensile and compressive strength, giving high levels of rigidity

The castings then undertake a variety of stringent tests and controls before being released for machining to ensure the highest levels of safety.


Semi Compound Brake Discs

Due to the European CO2 regulation, a manufacturer will be required to ensure that the average emissions of all new cars it produces – and which are registered in the European Community – are at, or below, the permitted level of emissions for its vehicle type. This has shifted the automotive market into the era of ‘light weighting’ and increased R&D development to focus on the following key drivers:

  • Weight reduction
  • Fuel Economy and CO2 emissions
  • Enhanced vehicle performance and handling

BMW and Mercedes-Benz have developed Semi Compound disc ranges for several models in their portfolio – and ZF Aftermarket has a range of high-performance two-piece Semi Compound brake discs, designed to enhance safety and performance and extend endurance levels in heavier, more powerful vehicles covering the BMW and Mercedes design.


Enhanced safety with bearings and the ABS sensor ring

We also offer a range of brake discs with integrated bearings, ABS sensor rings and fixing accessories. This makes life much easier when it comes to fitting, as these critical safety components are often damaged when replacing the disc. Using an old, worn or damaged bearing can also increase the risk of damage to the disc itself. TRW’s brake discs with mounted wheel bearings are assembled to ensure the correct pressing in of the bearing. We’ll deliver both toothed and magnetic ABS sensor rings, depending on what is required.


Want cooler, quieter braking? Fit our high carbon brake discs

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