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TRW True Originals brake calipers (new and remanufactured) are guaranteed for three years or 60,000 miles (100,000km). If we’re that confident, you can be, too.


  • All brake calipers are 100% end-of-line tested during production
  • 85% European car parc coverage
  • Developers of the world’s first electronic park brake calipers (EPB) in 2002, and creators of the Colette: the world’s most popular brake calipers
  • Rear calipers are pre-filled with brake fluid
  • All TRW Originals braking components are made to original equipment quality so you can fit great parts fast, with no comebacks


The world’s most popular brake calipers

As braking specialists designing and building so much of the original equipment that vehicles are fitted with when they first roll out of the factory, our aftermarket expertise is unparalleled.

You and your customers benefit from the same OE quality whether you choose new or remanufactured brake calipers from TRW True Originals. We provide exceptional market coverage, easier fitting and direct-from-the-factory cutting edge innovations in braking safety and performance.


Remanufactured brake calipers: original performance at a lower cost

TRW True Originals gives you the convenience of buying a wide range of new and remanufactured products from the same source. Our remanufactured calipers carry the same guarantee as new ones, and reduce costs to your business and the environment.

By stripping, cleaning and rebuilding with OE quality parts, we can provide you with remanufactured brake calipers that perform just as well as those originally fitted to the car, 100% checked and end-of-line tested. 

  • Our sustainable supply chain for ageing parts helps you to avoid obsolescence issues
  • Remanufacturing supports a reasonable price for low-volume parts in the market
  • Remanufacturing uses just a fraction of the energy and CO2 required to make brand new calipers – saving over 1,500 tonnes of CO2 a year


The tools you need for a faster fit


  • Every box contains the brake calipers plus all the accessories and instructions needed to fit fast and fit right
  • TRW True Originals rear brake calipers are pre-filled with brake fluid, avoiding trapped air and making fitting much quicker and easier
  • Because TRW manufactures every major part of the braking system, we can achieve the best design and integration of each component for easy, accurate fitting



An all-in-one solution that can fix up to 60 TRW brake calipers and 30 axles for longerlasting performance. Drive sustainability forward by reducing waste, with everything you need on-site – from guide bolts, bellows, and screws to dust caps and grease.

Click here to download our booklet for more information.


A complete range of brake calipers

Our wide-ranging coverage of the vehicle parc means you spend less time searching for parts and more time where it matters most to your business. TRW True Originals give you more choice and excellent coverage to serve more customers: our rigorous manufacturing standards and dedicated support services back an impressive range that includes:

  • New and remanufactured calipers
  • Electric Park Brake Calipers (EPB) and Actuator Repair Kits
  • Lightweight aluminium calipers, for improved fuel consumption
  • Foundation brakes composite calipers (FBC), designed to the floating calipers concept, helping the braking system to run cooler and deliver enhanced stopping performance
  • Painted calipers – matching the OE fitment when supplied as new
  • Repair kits

You can view the entire TRW True Originals braking calipers range of over 2,500 items in our comprehensive catalogue online and in print , so getting hold of the parts you need couldn’t be easier. The user-friendly format includes an in- depth buyers guide and a handy OE cross-referencing section, with diagrams to help parts identification.


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