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TRW Aftermarket

With our range of handbrake and clutch cables we deliver excellent safety and protection standards, so you can give drivers the confidence to completely trust their vehicles.

And choosing TRW offers you reassurance that all of our products will meet and exceed the international regulations, delivering a truly class-leading performance.

The main advantages of a TRW Aftermarket Handbrake and Clutch cable are:

  • Original Equipment (OE) producer
  • High quality materials – multiple strand rope coated in MoS2 improving cable strength and elasticity
  • Automatic adjusters for maintenance-free parts
  • Variety of cable designs to cover different vehicle types


Complete handbrake cable cover

TRW Aftermarket Handbrake and Clutch cables are tailor-made for each individual car, which means you can offer every driver a personalised level of service that matches their specific driving needs.

Our Handbrake cable product range is growing all the time and we have set ourselves the target of becoming the number one in parc coverage. With 923 references across 74% of the European vehicle parc, we are one of the market leaders when it comes to handbrake cables.


High quality materials for exceptional products

Our selection of handbrake cables includes products made from multiple strand rope, which enhances flexibility because the wires are able to slide over each other. We also coat the cables with molybdenum disulphide (MoS2), which reduces friction and improves sliding even more. The result is a longer lasting product that is protected from hard corrosive actions by the high-quality surface treatment provided by TRW.


Peace of mind for drivers

TRW Aftermarket Handbrake Cables are created using multiple smaller wires that combine to make thicker ropes. This is a pioneering technique that leads to better cable strength, flexibility and the perfect degree of sliding within the sheath. All handbrake cables are also maintenance free, which means drivers never have to think about them again once they’ve been installed.


Long-lasting TRW Clutch cables

TRW Aftermarket has everything covered when it comes to clutch cables, with more than 300 references. We are aiming to be the number one in parc coverage through assertive growth plans that will see our already extensive range grow even further. Our market-leading availability is something that we are really proud of and it means we can meet your needs for almost any vehicle.

Most of our clutch cables can easily be fitted by one person, which makes the process of changing them much quicker and more efficient. The general wear of the clutch means that the clutch cable needs occasional adjustment, but with the automatic adjusters, there’s no need to worry about this. The self-adjusting mechanism will operate when needed, ensuring that our clutch cables are maintenance-free.

High-quality spiral rope is covered by nylon as well as MoS2 that operates as a self-lubricant, while the trapezoidal sheath has an inner plastic pipe that enhances flexibility and improves smoothness, for added protection from rubbing against the metal. All of this advanced technology means a TRW Aftermarket Clutch Cable performs better than competitors for longer.


Varying designs for accurate performance

Showing our dedication in providing a wide range of product types within the clutch cable sector, we have a variety of techniques to cater for a variety of vehicles. These include:

  • Braided wires that together build a rope
  • Braided ropes that together build a cable – resulting in higher flexibility
  • Braided wires to build a cable – resulting in increased strength

OE always dictates which design is used depending on the requirements and with grease between all of the ropes and wires, low friction is assured.


Embrace the change

When cables become damaged they need to be changed, otherwise they stop working and this can lead to the parking brake not being released properly, which can result in much more serious issues if not fixed. Brakes can become overheated and a grinding noise can indicate wear and tear, with the worst-case scenario that the car won’t move. This occurs when the polyamide cover gets damaged, meaning water and dirt gets into the system and corrosion occurs, leading to the outer diameter expanding and the handbrake of clutch cable not sliding as freely as it should do.


Check cables regularly

Our own research has revealed that just 2% of the European vehicle parc changes parts such as handbrake and clutch cables annually. We believe that this figure could be much higher, which would not only improve the performance and efficiency of cars, but also the safety. The first step to getting more handbrake and clutch cables changed is for garages and installers to carry out checks on these parts more often. You will find that many vehicle owners will never have had these cables checked, which means that they could be run down and in need of replacement.


How to test the handbrake

The first place to start when you are testing the handbrake is to make sure there is no significant dragging during a rolling road test. If there is, then it could be because there is an issue with the cable. To test the parts properly, with a drum brake system for example, you need to carry out the following steps:

  1. Remove the drums
  2. Actuate the handbrake lever and make sure the mechanism is working properly
  3. Release the handbrake lever – the shoes should go back to their rest position
  4. If you are still unsure, you can disconnect the cables and check them individually

You should make sure that you always carry out these tests before you add new parts to any car.


TRW – the logical choice

As the market-leading braking systems specialists, buying brake parts from TRW Aftermarket is the best way to ensure you’re getting the very highest quality. We are the experts when it comes to handbrake and clutch cables, offering tailored products to meet your exact demands. Easy and safe fitment also gives you a stress-free experience, as well as peace of mind for your drivers.

TRW Aftermarket delivers unbeatable safety through our innovative and advanced Drum Brake and Actuation Systems. For more than 100 years, TRW has been a leader in the field of safety and protection systems for cars, helping to keep thousands of drivers secure on the road every second of every day.

You can find out more about the range of handbrake and clutch cables that we supply by browsing the catalogue online today.

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