Brake Boosters

TRW Aftermarket

Brake Boosters are a vital part of our TRW Drum Brake and Actuation product range, helping you deliver outstanding quality for your customers. We test our Brake Boosters to every extreme, which means you can deliver a more reliable and consistent performance on the road for the drivers you serve.

By using the latest technology, as well as innovative, environmentally friendly techniques, we’ve proved that we’re at the forefront of the industry, giving you Brake Boosters that meet and beat today’s standards for automotive safety.

Our Brake Boosters offer you the following benefits:

  • Original equipment (OE) quality
  • Wide range of single and tandem Brake Boosters
  • Unique tie-rod design meaning lighter and thinner parts for more efficient performance
  • Great coverage, with almost 340 part numbers in the range, so you can serve more customers


Reliable performance for longer

All motorists now demand durability and resilience from their vehicles, which is why we invest in developing Drum Brake and Actuation products like Brake Boosters that are designed to last for longer. Choosing TRW Brake Boosters is a sure way of improving reliability and safety for your customer.


Easier braking with a TRW Brake Booster

Brake Boosters have a very simple function: they’re designed to make it easier for drivers to push the brake pedal of their car using a vacuum assist system. Most modern cars have disc brakes, especially on the front wheels, which means they need power brakes and, therefore, a brake booster, to multiply the braking force. Not only cars with disc brakes use brake boosters, they are also widely used in vehicle with drum brake systems, to ensure safety without compromise.

With a collection of single and tandem Brake Boosters, we can cover a wide range of vehicle types, allowing you to deliver unbeatable levels of safety to the maximum number of drivers.

The unique tie-rod design of a TRW Girvac Brake Booster allows for the design to be thinner and lighter, resulting in a more efficient absorption of pressure from the booster. Our competitors don’t use this design, which means the shell of their boosters has to transmit the force through the booster. That’s yet another reason why TRW is the number one choice when it comes to brake parts.


Advanced technology for all conditions

One of the main issues that manufacturers often encounter with Brake Boosters is getting them to perform in extreme conditions, but TRW has countered this through our continued commitment to innovation. With a high-flow master cylinder, we’ve improved stability control at low temperatures, which means exceptional performance is maintained.


Direct from the OE producer

As an OE manufacturer of Brake Boosters we can supply you with exactly the same product quality that we deliver to vehicle manufacturers. And with 340 parts in the full range of Brake Boosters, you can offer that part quality to almost any customer.


Efficient set-up and installation

Whether you’re dealing with a single or tandem Brake Booster, the instructions we provide are easy to follow, which means fitting is straightforward and simple. You can also be safe in the knowledge that TRW Brake Boosters are as environmentally friendly as possible, because we always use as little heavy metal as possible and recyclable materials whenever we can.


We put the research in, you get the rewards

We’ve always worked to bring advanced safety equipment and products to you, and we’ll go on doing it. We’ll always be ahead of our competitors because we want to not only meet but beat the standard automotive regulations set by international governing bodies.

TRW designs, manufacturers and supplies braking and steering systems for the best vehicle manufacturers across the world, which means we have an intimate understanding of how every safety component works. Drivers will be in safe hands when their car is fitted with a TRW brake booster. We’ve been providing class-leading safety and protection products for more than 100 years; from the Model T to electric cars, we’ve been there for it all. That makes us the number one supplier of active and passive safety technologies, helping you to provide incomparable quality for all types of vehicles.

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