Actuation Systems

TRW True Originals Actuation Systems and Accessories

Every brake actuation component is matched to OE standards, and our extensive range has exceptional coverage of the European vehicle parc. No surprise to you, we hope – which means no nasty surprises for your customers, either. 


Even the finest braking system will only perform at its full potential with the best components and accessories, such as master cylinders, brake hoses and brake fluid. TRW True Originals are your first choice for stopping power and stability when supplying or fitting brake actuation parts.


A range like no other, from brake boosters to brake hoses and master cylinders

Because we design braking systems for global vehicle manufacturers, we understand better than anyone exactly what’s needed to keep them running smoothly, safely and powerfully. This also means that we’re at the forefront of braking technology developments, keeping you and your customers up to date with the latest innovations featuring as additions to the range.

From brake master cylinders to ABS sensors, every item in the TRW Originals brake actuation range is of exceptionally high-quality design and manufacture, down to the finest detail. All TRW Originals products meet or exceed original equipment (OE) standards thanks to our precision engineering and the tough testing, and overall, the range covers a vast number of vehicle models.


Put TRW True Originals to the test - we always do

We have our own in-house dynamometer and endurance testing facilities (we are one of the very few aftermarket manufacturers that does). This means that we can carry out quality and process control for ourselves, without relying on external third-party test facilities.

See for yourself: discover more about TRW brake actuation systems, including brake fluid, brake cleaner, brake master cylinders, brake hoses, brake boosters, handbrake and clutch cables, ABS sensors and clutch cylinders by taking a look at our online catalogue.

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