Steel Handlebars

Successful customizing starts with new motorbike handlebars and TRW-Lucas Motorcycle Steel Handlebars give you better ergonomics, attractive colours and cool designs. But above all, given the importance of steering when it comes to safety, it is critical that all bikes are fitted with high quality parts, which TRW-Lucas can provide to help you to achieve the best possible maintenance for almost any motorbike.

TRW-Lucas Motorcycle Steel Handlebars give you:

  • Maximum precision machining combined with a great functionality and application-tailored design.

  • A wide range of steel handlebars corresponding to the individual needs for enhancement.

  • A big variety of different styles and surface finishes to customize the look of almost each motorbike.

  • A wide choice of handlebars with either 22mm or 25.4mm (1 inch) diameter.

  • Triple-coating for protection against corrosion and scratches.

  • All steel handlebars come with a TÜV certificate of conformity and are street legal.


TRW-Lucas Motorcycle Steel Handlebars with great look and excellent performance

Changing the handlebars is an easy and very effective way to change the look and the handling of a motorbike, and choosing a TRW-Lucas Motorcycle Steel Handlebar gives you an exceptional choice of colour, comfort and safety for the best results.

All TRW-Lucas Motorcycle Steel Handlebars in our comprehensive range have a certificate of conformity (TÜV) to give you complete peace of mind. And when it comes to design, a TRW-Lucas Motorcycle Steel Handlebar offers you an ergonomic bend that’s comfortable to hold, as well as an attractive look.

TRW-Lucas Motorbike Steel Handlebars come in three different surface finishes: classic chrome, aluminium effect or black powder coated.  All our steel handlebars are triple-coated to protect against corrosion and scratches.

TRW-Lucas Steel Handlebars are available for almost every bike, whether it is a naked bike, touring bike or a custom motorcycle. In addition to the 22mm range, we offer steel handlebars for Harley Davidson models and other custom bikes with 25.4 mm (1 inch) diameter, optionally provided with cable indent or cable holes to hide cables and lines and achieve a clean look.

TRW-Lucas Steel Motorcycle Handlebars are premium quality German-made products in attractive designs that enhance safety as well as style, providing a reliable and improved steering response.