Handlebar Tubes

TRW Aftermarket

High-quality anodised steering tubes allow individual use with all TRW clip-on handlebars.

  • Individual steering tubes made of high-strength aluminium with 3.0 mm wall.
  • Please select the aluminium or Teflon handlebar ends matching the steering tubes. Sport handlebar ends
  • Available in the lengths 250mm and 285mm, in each case in black, blue, silver or red.
  • The item no. is made up of the relevant length and the colour: e.g. MCL250S or MCL285B (1 unit supplied).
  • As a spare part, for conversion to another colour or length, or to round off our "Comfort" and "Relax" sport handlebar sets.

Important: When using the longer steering tubes, it may be necessary to adjust the fittings or the fairing.

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