Handlebar ends

TRW Aftermarket

TRWmoto supplies high-quality handlebar ends, all made in Germany, to match the corresponding handlebar type.


Steel Handlebar Ends

The attractively designed handles from the Classic series fit steel handlebars with a diameter of 22mm. They are a perfect match for the sophisticated TRW steel handlebar range and are available with chrome, black and aluminium look finish.

  • High-quality light alloy handlebar ends for steel high handlebars.
  • Finish matches chrome-plated and black steel handlebars. Matt handlebar ends are also available for the matt aluminium look TRW steel handlebars.
    SC = chrome plated
    SS = black anodised
    SA = matt silver anodised
  • The handlebar ends are screwed on using a stable metal spreading device. This makes them quick and easy to replace.
  • TRW handlebar ends can also be used with other steel handlebar makes.

Designation Item no.
Aluminium look handlebar ends  MCL217-SA 
Chrome plated handlebar ends MCL217-SC 
Black handlebar ends  MCL217-SS 


Aluminium Handlebar Ends

In addition to the conventional standard handlebar ends, the Classic series has an impressive high-quality finish and homogeneous form. The handlebarends match high handlebars with 4 and 5mm wall thickness.

  • Handlebar ends for light alloy high handlebars with 4 and 5mm wall thickness.
  • The handlebar ends can also be used for other aluminium handlebars with the same wall thickness.
  • They are attached using a spreading device, activated by a bolt. This allows them to be replaced quickly and easily.
  • The following anodised colours are available:
    silver (C), blue (B), gold (G), black (S), titanium (T).

                Lenkerenden Alulenker classic                                    

                          Classic Design                                             Standard Design

  • Important:
    Slight variations in the nuance of the blue, red and gold anodised colours are possible.

Handlebar item no. Model + diameter "Standard" handlebar ends "Classic" handlebar ends
MCL 100 B  Superbike, 22 mm  MCL 200 B  MCL 212-B
MCL 101 R  Superbike, 22 mm  MCL 201 R  MCL 212-R
MCL 102 C  Superbike, 22 mm  MCL 202 C  MCL 212-C
MCL 103 S  Superbike, 22 mm  MCL 203 S  MCL 212-S
MCL 104 G  Superbike, 22 mm  MCL 204 G  MCL 212-G
MCL 106 A  Superbike, 22 mm  MCL 203 S  MCL 212-T
MCL 150 B  Speedfighter, 22 mm  MCL 200 B  MCL 212-B
MCL 150 C  Speedfighter, 22 mm  MCL 202 C  MCL 212-C
MCL 150 T  Speedfighter, 22 mm  MCL 203 S  MCL 212-T
MCL 152 C  Superbike, 28 mm    MCL 214-C
MCL 152 S  Superbike, 28 mm    MCL 214-S
MCL 153 B  Moto cross, low 22 mm    MCL 214-S
MCL 153 C  Moto cross, low 22 mm    MCL 214-C
MCL 153 T  Moto cross, low 22 mm    MCL 214-S
MCL 154 B  Moto Cross, medium 22 mm    MCL 214-S
MCL 154 C  Moto Cross, medium 22 mm    MCL 214-C
MCL 154 T  Moto Cross, medium 22 mm    MCL 214-S
MCL 155 B  Off-road, high 22 mm    MCL 214-S
MCL 155 C  Off-road, high 22 mm    MCL 214-C
MCL 155 T  Off-road, high 22 mm    MCL 214-S


Sport Handlebar Ends

Attractive aluminium handlebar ends or lightweight Teflon stoppers with a cushioning effect - both fitting into 3mm wall steering tubes.

  • Handlebar ends available in choice of aluminium or Teflon.
  • The handlebar ends match the Racing clip-on handlebars, the heightened sport handlebars and the relax bar.
  • They can be used for all handlebars with 3mm wall.
  • The Teflon stoppers are available in a choice of white or black, the high-quality aluminium parts in black or silver.
  • The aluminium ends are clamped on using a spreading device, making them very easy to replace.

Item no. Material Colour Internal diameter Steering tube
MCL 310 C Aluminium silver 16mm
MCL 310 S Aluminium black 16mm
MCL 300 W Teflon white 16mm
MCL 300 S Teflon black 16mm
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