Adapters Ø 28 mm

TRW Aftermarket

Attractive CNC milled aluminium adapter set for fitting conical 28mm handlebars.

Version 1

For conversion of machines with 22mm tube handlebars to handlebars with 28mm Ø in the clamping area. The adapter is screwed onto the existing lower handlebar mounting, resulting in a height increase of 10mm. Available in black and silver.
Item no.:  MCL650S and MCL650C

Version 2

For fitting directly on the fork crown with a central bolt. Available in two different heights (measured from the fork crown to the centre of the steering tube), each in black (S) and silver (C) anodised.
Item no.:  MCL350S (35 mm height)
Item no.:  MCL450C (45 mm height)

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