Superbike Ø 22 mm

TRW Aftermarket

These classic Superbike handlebars are ideal for all Streetfighter conversions, all "naked bikes" and is one of the most frequently fitted handlebar types for Superbike fork crown conversions.

  • These handlebars have a certificate of conformity (TÜV) for a wide range of motorcycles with standard tube handlebars.
  • High-strength aluminium handlebars with classic offset and excellent ride properties.
  • Available in anodised colours: silver, blue, red, gold, black and titanium.
  • The wall thickness of 5mm provides stability and breaking strength.
  • Choose handlebar ends from the TRW-Lucas range, as they must match the wall thickness of the handlebars.
    Handlebar ends for aluminium handlebars
  • Important!
    Colour variations caused by the anodising bath are unavoidable. There is no guarantee that the colour will match within a handlebar range, or between the handlebars and handlebar ends or other anodised accessories.
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