Steel-braided Clutch Lines

TRW Aftermarket

The TRWname on a clutch part has always been a guarantee of premium product quality, and we’re always working to enhance the quality of our motorbike clutch parts even further.

TRW Motorcycle Steel Braided Clutch Lines give you:

  • Ready assembled lines with the same hose lengths as the original parts
  • Design matching the TRW brake hoses
  • The choice of special lengths or the colour of the fittings and covers


For hydraulic clutch systems, we supply lines that feature the same design and technology as our TRW Motorcycle Steel Braided Brake Lines. All hydraulic clutch hoses can be replaced with the steel-braided version. The majority of lines are supplied ready assembled with the original hose length. The design and choice of colours can be adapted to the steel-braided brake lines or customized according to the individual needs. Individual lengths and cover colours can be manufactured as special lines and are offering the same qualities of strength, design and safety that our brake lines are known for to the hydraulic clutch replacement market, too.

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