Clutch Springs

TRW Aftermarket

The TRW name on a clutch part has always been a guarantee of premium product quality, safety and performance. Our motorbike clutch springs are manufactured from the most durable of materials for enhanced quality and performance and to suit every application.

TRW Clutch Springs, supplied as a set, are reinforced to enable the clutch function to be maintained for longer, particularly on older or extreme off-road bikes. The springs provide an effective protection against clutch slipping and generate an approximately 10% higher contact pressure compared to original springs. 

The TRW Motorcycle Clutch range gives you:

  • TRW clutch springs supplied as a complete set.
  • A wide range of reinforced clutch springs.
  • An increased spring force of more than 10% compared to the original clutch springs.
  • Springs with galvanised finish to protect against corrosion.
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