"Street" Clutch Levers

TRW Aftermarket

The appealing TRW clutch levers "Street“ are available in black, silver, titanium and in the special colour gold. They come with a certificate of conformity and score points with their ergonomics and their clean design.

  • Even with gloves the adjustment wheel is easy to operate for perfect individual adjustment of the lever.   
  • The clutch levers from TRW offer an excellent grip.  
  • CNC milled from high quality aluminium, with a defined breaking point for added safety.
  • With a grip length of 80 mm they are 30 mm longer than the “Racing“ version.
  • All TRW clutch levers “Street“ come with a certificate of conformity (TÜV).
  • You can choose from four colours: black, silver, titanium and as a special colour gold.
  • As standard, the levers are equipped with a black adjustment wheel, which can also be supplied in silver, titanium, blue, red or gold on request.
  • All TRW clutch levers and adjustment kits are also available individually as replacement parts.


TRW Levers spare parts

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