Clutch Systems

Motorcycle clutches are vital to safety and performance, providing the all-important link between the engine and the wheel. The TRW Motorcycle Clutch range offers motorcycle friction plates for oil-bath and dry clutches, steel plates and reinforced clutch springs as complete sets for almost all motorcycle models. Manufactured from the most durable of materials to maximize both safety and performance, we offer a choice of motorcycle clutch components to suit almost every application and can even improve the efficiency of older motorcycles.


A clutch part range to trust - globally

We offer premium quality motorcycle clutch spare parts because we’re an agile, global business that listens to customers and delivers the innovations that you need. All this goes hand in hand with our drive to deliver wide range coverage and premium quality. Because we’re global, our technical, service and performance standards on the TRW motorcycle clutch range and beyond is the same the world over. That’s what enables us to create added value for you through product differentiation, leading technology and service that you trust, anywhere in the world.