Steel-braided Brake Lines

TRW-Lucas offers premium quality motorcycle brake lines that have been designed to deliver tangible performance, safety and maintenance benefits for riders. Choosing TRW-Lucas Aftermarket will provide you with the latest Motorcycle Brake Line technology. The TRW-Lucas range includes a motorcycle steel braided hose range with exceptional quality parts for almost all brake and clutch systems with TÜV certificate of conformity.


Play it safe with TRW-Lucas Motorcycle Steel Braided Brake Lines

A TRW-Lucas Motorcycle Steel Braided Brake Line is technically superior to a rubber hose. A rubber hose continuously expands under pressure over time, an exact pressure point deteriorates and the brake starts to feel soft. Conventional hoses have to be replaced after 5 years, which is why the date of manufacture is specified on every rubber hose. Benefit from our offer of products that improve bike performance - choose TRW-Lucas! Our steel-braided lines are a prime example for a quick and easy way to update the style and the performance of your bike.


With TRW-Lucas Motorcycle Steel Braided Brake Lines you play it safe:

  • They provide a significant improvement in the brake pressure point, ensuring higher precision and safety even under extreme conditions.

  • The inner core of a TRW-Lucas Motorbike Steel Braided Brake Line is made from DuPont Teflon. A strong and flexible stainless steel fabric with four wires ensures the reliable protection of the inner core.

  • No wear, no ageing, no maintenance. The application of our steel braided brake hoses is unlimited.

  • Extended change intervals for brake fluid.

  • All brake hose systems will be supplied with a TÜV certificate of conformity.