Brake Discs

TRW Aftermarket

TRW has a motorcycle brake disc range that offers premium quality, appealing design and increasingly wide coverage. All TRW motorbike brake discs are maximized for safety and performance using an extremely high-grade steel alloy.

Make TRW, one of the leading brands in the independent aftermarket, your first choice when it comes to motorcycle brake discs!


TRW Motorcycle Brake Discs give you:

  • Exceptional quality and unique designs.
  • A wide range of brake discs for almost all applications.
  • High-Quality materials, a production with tightest tolerance and precise surface grinding.
  • Perfectly true running, less vibration and improved adaptation of the pads.
  • Absolute reliability and top performance without compromise.
  • Ultra hardened surface for extended service life and dimensional stability.
  • Street legal discs come with a type approval. The documents with vehicle application can be found here:


Motorcycle brake discs offering exceptional quality and coverage

TRW motorcycle spare parts and accessories are going to be built tough, built right, built to fit and are certified to the highest safety standards of the international vehicle industry. We don’t compromise on raw material or on machining tolerances.

TRW offers motorbike brake discs for more than 2,000 motorcycle models. And with seven different variations to choose from, there’s a TRW brake disc for almost all touring and sport bikes, custom bikes, scooters and off-roaders, quads and ATVs. Both the printed and the online TRW catalogue provide detailed explanations of products and scaled fitment drawings with specific dimensions allowing quick and safe model use verification.


Motorcycle brake discs with inbuilt innovation

We design and build our brake discs to be a balanced part of the overall braking dynamic, and we’re innovators, always working to give you new enhancements in disc technology.  Our brand new “SP” brake discs for professional racers are a prime example!


Strength and safety in all TRW Brake Discs

Our motorcycle brake discs are wear-resistant and their service life is up to 30% longer compared with many comparable aftermarket parts, so you can be sure of robust performance to maximise safety. All discs are made of extremely dimensionally stable and hardened steel machined to tightest tolerance. Precise surface grinding, with a thickness variation of just 2/100 mm, prevents vibrations and improves the adaptation of the pads significantly.


The technology behind our excellent motorcycle brake discs

Brake discs for motorcycles must work well with pads, effectively reflect heat generated during braking, resist abrasion, and, ultimately, serve the bike and the rider for as long as possible. What’s more, they should look impressive, because they’re the most striking element of the brake system.

TRW Motorcycle Brake Discs are made of an extremely high-grade steel alloy that protects reliably against corrosion, maintaining a good appearance as well as strength, safety and performance.

TRW Floating Brake Discs have milled, in titanium color, anodised inner rings. The discs do not clatter, as the high-grade stainless steel floaters are tensioned with corrugated washers.

There’s easy compatibility, too; every one of our brake discs can be individually used with brake pads from the comprehensive TRW range.


TRW Motorcycle Brake Discs for sports bikes and racing

It’s the combination of strength and intelligent design that keeps our discs ahead of the pack. TRW Motorcycle Brake Discs are manufactured from high strength, dimensionally stable steel and the precision cut, cross-shaped surface grinding prevents vibrations and accelerates the adaptation of new pads.

On the road or on the track, TRW “RAC” racing discs are street legal and real examples of cutting edge design. Due to intelligent temperature control, the cleverly designed “RAC” contour uniquely combines a highly spontaneous response with an extremely stable pressure point. “RAC” brake discs are intended for sporty riding on the road.

The new TRW “SP” brake discs for professional racers are in a league of their own, ensuring maximum braking force even under most extreme conditions!

The two-part design features a thicker 5,5mm outer ring of high strength steel alloy attached to a CNC milled inner ring of black anodised alloy by ten fully floating bobbins. This prevents warping and deformation, even if the outer ring expands under extreme temperatures.

TRW “SP” brake discs are available in two designs: “SP” with perforated outer ring and “SP RAC” with racing contour. Ideally they should be combined with the racing brake pads TRQ, CRQ or SCR. Both disc versions can be used with standard calipers and in all racing categories (no road approval!).

Whether you use them on the road or in race conditions, TRW Motorcycle Brake Discs leave the competition behind!

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