Lowering Kits

TRW Aftermarket

So that a bike can be adjusted for an individual rider’s height, lowering kits for motorcycles can lower the seat by those crucial few centimetres. TRW motorcycle lowering kits offer a cost-effective way of reducing the bike’s height at the rear.

TRW motorcycle lowering kits give you:

  • A perfectly adjusted seat level
  • A lowering by 20 mm to even 40 mm depending on model (measure vertical to rear axle)
  • A maximum of safety
  • Stops with reaching the ground with both of your feet
  • The central suspension strut retains its full working length in most cases
  • An efficient solution at low cost and little effort

Very often lowering is achieved by a modified suspension but with a TRW motorbike lowering kit a safe and comfortable level can be achieved with much less effort.

With TRW height reducers you replace the original parts from the suspension system, e.g.  linkage levers, push rods, triangular plates, spring base plates etc. by our modified parts. TRW lowering kits offer premium product quality. Depending on the model they are laser-cut from high quality stainless steel or CNC-milled aluminium parts. The robust parts ensure safety and come complete.

Notes for installation: many motorcycle lowering kits require the side stand to be shortened. On a few motorcycles, removing the main stand is unavoidable. For systems that require dismantling the spring or parts of the rear shock we recommend installation in a specialist workshop.

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