Jack-up Kits

TRW Aftermarket

A jack-up kit lifts the rear, reduces the wheelbase and helps to adopt the characteristics of a motorbike to personal preferences. For added height, more ground clearance and improved agility, the TRW rear jack-up kits will raise the rear between 25-45 mm, depending on the model.

TRW motorcycle jack-up kits give you:

  • Additional ground clearance
  • More agility and improved cornering
  • Firmer suspension and more rear wheel clearance
  • A perfect and easy way to adjust the handling characteristics to individual preferences
  • A dynamic and fantastic look of the whole bike
  • A significant change to a more sporty riding behaviour
  • When accelerating, the rear dips less

TRW motorcycle jack-up kits are “made in Germany”, laser-cut from high quality stainless steel or CNC-milled aluminium parts. The robust parts ensure safety and come complete.

TRW motorcycle jack-up kits will enable better handling on corners and offer a much more dynamic look without great expense. The modified parts change the angle of the swing arm and raise the rear. An additional effect is a more dynamic look of the whole bike. Jack-up kits also allow more rear wheel clearance, e.g. on fully loaded travelling bikes.

Installation note: For jack-up kits that require dismantling the spring or parts of the rear shock we recommend installation in a specialist workshop.

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