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TRW Aftermarket

trw proequip
a one-stop shop for hcv

We’ve been around since 1906, designing, developing and engineering Original Equipment [OE] steering and suspension
parts of the highest quality for exceptional safety. That’s why our HCV brand is called PROEQUIP: It’s made for Professionals,
at Original Equipment standard, to Equip them for the job. With excellent coverage – and 85% of it manufactured in-house
– we’re a one-stop shop for HCV.


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an exceptional range

From pads with the perfect material mix for HCVs, to discs that match OE standards, to XCAP ball joints that beat six major
competitors, we offer parts of outstanding quality that withstand the toughest tests.











it’s easy...

It’s easy to get your TRW PROEQUIP parts, too.

If you’re a distributor: VIEW THE CATALOGUE
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tested and trusted

Steering and stopping heavy commercial vehicles presents serious engineering challenges. That’s why every TRW
PROEQUIP part is tested in the laboratory, on the track and on the road to make certain that it meets those challenges
time and time again.




working with true originals

TRW offers you every type of HCV safety solution. That’s why our True Originals know how to make each element
work together in perfect harmony to give the best possible safety on the road. Through continual development, we
enhance HCV parts to become perfectly balanced elements of the overall braking dynamic, using the individual
knowledge and expertise of our True Originals.