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TRW has been giving you solutions for the commercial vehicle aftermarket industry for many years now and our TRW department is constantly updating and improving our selection of parts. By fitting our XCAP ball joint, you can give your customers’ vehicles a stronger, more robust performance across all types of conditions and driving scenarios.

The XCAP has been designed for the future of steering and suspension technology, making it a must-have part for commercial vehicle drivers.

The XCAP gives you:

  • The very latest steering technology
  • The smallest and lightest component of its kind on the market delivering a more efficient performance
  • Ball joints that last up to four times longer than competitors
  • Enhanced dust cover design for better part protection
  • Reduced torque to provide enhanced steering comfort
  • More than 180 references to meet a variety of customer demands


A class-leading part for exceptional performance

As the heavyweight in safety, TRW can provide a huge choice of parts covering steering, suspension, brake pads, shock absorbers and more. Our new XCAP tie rod end is one of the most advanced vehicle parts ever produced.

Carefully designed, the XCAP has been tested to the extreme, providing you with peace of mind that it is a part that will not let drivers down. As a smaller, stronger and more durable product than previous ball joints, it will have a longer life and more efficient all round performance.

An enhanced cover also gives the XCAP ball joint excellent protection from wear and tear, while the reduced torque means improved steering comfort and smoother journeys for all. The overall result is that steering and suspension in commercial vehicles is boosted, making the XCAP a valuable addition to the steering and suspension range for you and your customers.


The importance of high quality materials

The parts on commercial vehicles experience extreme pressure owing to the huge amount of weight that they have to carry. Most commercial vehicles already have a heavy chassis and when you add on the weight of the load it is important that the component weight is as low as possible, otherwise the kinetic energy of the vehicle could be affected.

If this does happen then driver and load safety could be compromised. Unseen forces are placed on the parts every time the brakes and steering systems are used, which makes it critical that they stand up to the rigours of daily life. TRW tests all parts thoroughly to ensure they have the ability to perform at their best for longer.


Top marks across the board

When tested against leading competitors, the XCAP performed much better across a range of durability, performance and strength tests that were carried out by the FRAUNHOFER-INSTITUT in Germany for Structural Durability and System Reliability. Compared against six other market leaders, the TRW XCAP Ball Joints lasted up to four times longer than any others. While competitors showed signs of damage such as worn bearings, cone issues, dust cover faults and nut errors, the tests had no effect on the XCAP.


Our own testing process

To achieve such impressive results from independent testing, we have to perform extreme examinations ourselves before we send any parts to market. With the XCAP tie rod ends this is especially important because we are the only manufacturer producing such a part. Our tests include:

  • Assembly technique testing of all critical safety features
  • Environmental resistance for all weather conditions
  • Wear and drive tests
  • Extensive road testing on TRW tracks across the world
  • Acoustic measuring to help enhance driver experience

All of these tests fall in line with OE checks, which give you peace of mind that all TRW products will be as good as, and often better, than everything else available on the market.


Industry standing and recognition

You only need to look at our list of partners to see how we’re trusted in the industry. We’ve signed contracts with Daimler Trucks, Scania and Volvo Trucks that allows us to cover a wide part of Europe and South America.

With a large Original Equipment market share on tie rod ends as well as drag links and other important steering and suspension parts for commercial vehicles, it’s TRW that you can trust when it comes to robust, high-quality CV parts. Find out more about the full range of commercial vehicle parts and the XCAP by browsing our online catalogue today.

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