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TRW has been serving the commercial vehicle market since 1906. Today our steering gears are fitted in one-in-three European commercial vehicles, proving that we still meet the challenges faced by commercial vehicles.

Choosing TRW steering gear parts gives you the following tangible benefits:

  • All parts meet the exacting standards of Original Equipment (OE) products
  • We perform the most rigorous testing process available, ensuring that our steering gear parts are capable of performing safely and efficiently in all conditions
  • TAS type steering gears produced with the fewest possible moving parts, so you can offer better torque output
  • THP type steering gears, so you can offer drivers a faster steering ratio for improved turning and return-to centre response
  • Industry-leading parts that last longer than competitors, saving money for your customer


Steering gears with exceptional support

Through TRW we can provide tailored solutions for drivers that cover a huge number of parts, and with independent experts placing us above other competitors, choosing TRW guarantees the very highest quality. Steering gears are employed to attach the steering wheel with the steering linkage of a vehicle. This is clearly a crucial part for the overall performance of a commercial vehicle, and steering gears that are faulty or worn out could be seriously dangerous for drivers. TRW parts will act to lengthen vehicle life, helping businesses to save time and therefore money in the long run with their trucks, buses or vans staying on the road for longer.


TRW: first for steering gears

TRW was responsible for developing and producing the first boxed, OE-quality steering gears programme to the aftermarket. Our current catalogue of parts includes 33 TRW designed TAS and THP type gears:

  • TRW TAS type steering gear – These are created with the fewest possible moving parts to ensure superior torque output and performance. They are ideal for vehicles on and off the highway that have medium and heavy front axle loads, helping to improve handling and steering control.
  • TRW THP type steering gear – These gears are designed to provide a faster steering ratio that improves the lock-to-lock turns and return-to-centre response. With an optional, innovative Positive Centre Feel feature, drivers will also get an enhanced steering gear on-centre feel without having to increase the steering park effort.


We do the testing, so you can do the trusting

All TRW parts are produced to the very highest standards that we set ourselves, and as a result they often exceed the industry-approved regulations. At our centre of excellence in Frydlant, Czech Republic, all parts are tested to the extreme using the following measures:

  • Acoustic testing to ensure driver comfort
  • Strength testing to help maximise durability
  • Environmental resistance to ensure optimum ability for all weather conditions
  • Drive tests for wear
  • Safety features examined using assembly technique testing
  • Leak-free performance dynamic testing
  • On-road testing at TRW tracks

We also take our commercial vehicle steering and suspension parts to be tested independently, and in 2014 TRW parts went under the microscope at the renowned FRAUNHOFER-INSTITUT for Structural Durability and System Reliability. The outcome of these tests highlighted the exceptional performance of TRW parts, which outperformed six leading competitors, highlighting our ability to deliver real safety without compromise. With top marks for durability, strength and performance it is clear that choosing TRW ensures that you get the quality you need to help minimise vehicle downtime in the commercial industry.


Invest in a growing market

Europe is a global leader in the commercial vehicle market and in May 2014, the number of van, bus and coach registrations grew, with the overall number of commercial vehicles increasing by a huge 10.8%. This highlights the unique opportunities that lie within this market, where choosing TRW means that you can deliver parts that will make a real difference on the road to businesses.

As operator costs increase year on year, it is becoming more and more important for business owners to keep their vehicles on the road for longer, as anytime off the road is time and money wasted. Opting for TRW steering gears will help you to provide your customers with a more viable economic option.

ACEA (the Association of European Automotive Manufacturers) has also noted that all commercial vehicles should be repaired with original spare parts or parts of matching quality, and TRW takes great pride in being able to offer this quality with all of our steering gear parts. We will remanufacture steering gears using TRW OE quality components that deliver exactly the same standards as new OE products.


Discover more

You can find out more about the full selection of TRW steering gear parts by browsing our online catalogue on the website. If you know the exact part you are looking for you can easily find it using the simple search tool. The maintenance and repair information for TRW steering gears is also available to download.

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