Shock Absorbers

TRW Aftermarket

Through our TRW range we can offer you a huge selection of shock absorbers for your commercial vehicle customers, allowing you to make a real difference to the performance, efficiency and safety of their vehicles. We have developed a truly exceptional reputation for producing innovative, tailored and advanced shock absorbers, capable of meeting a wide variety of driving requirements.

TRW shock absorbers provide the following benefits:

  • Super- reliable valves system for better performance
  • A 20% smoother piston rod surface for reduced friction and longer life
  • Metal discs within the piston valve resulting in quicker response times
  • The most advanced testing process to meet Original Equipment specifications

Our truck shocks and bus shocks meet the very stringent standards of Original Equipment, meaning you can be assured that choosing TRW will allow you to provide businesses with real benefits to their on-road performance.


The importance of TRW shock absorbers

Shock absorbers are exceptionally important for the performance of commercial vehicles and if they are not functioning properly then it could lead to problems with handling, braking, efficiency and safety. That is why it is always important to replace faulty or worn shocks before they become a serious issue.

As a OES supplier, we work directly with vehicle manufacturers to ensure that we’re providing parts that match the exact requirements of drivers and fleet owners. We also aim to be first to the market with all of our new products, keeping you ahead of the curve when it comes to improving safety.


Exceptional shock absorber innovation, delivering technical improvements to you

With more than 4,000 designers, engineers and technicians working across the world in more than 25 countries, we have a huge network to call upon when we need to develop and improve our parts offering. As a result TRW is responsible for the most advanced shock absorbers in the business. Our newest technical innovations include:

  • Valves and strong valve retainers that deliver a more reliable performance with less damage likely during extreme conditions
  • The rod of the shock is hardened first before being polished, which provides a 20% smoother surface and helps the seal to be permanently lubricated. This all translates into a reduction in friction which helps to increase the longevity of TRW shock absorbers compared to other parts on the market
  • Metal discs within the piston valve are calibrated to 0.01mm, which ensures a much better performance than traditional helical springs. The result is a quicker response time – boosting performance figures, safety features and ride comfort.


Tested to ensure perfection

All TRW parts are produced to perform above and beyond what is expected of them. To enable us to do this we carry out complete testing on all commercial vehicle parts, which means they can withstand all situations and environments.

To make sure they meet the stringent requirements of the Original Equipment, our bus shock absorbers and truck shock absorbers are tested to the extreme both in the lab and on the road. We don’t send parts to the market unless they pass our gruelling and rigorous tests, which include testing on some of the roughest roads in Africa as well as the coldest environments in Europe. We test to ensure:

  • Acoustic comfort for drivers and passengers
  • Excellent durability through strength testing
  • Leak-free performance with dynamic testing
  • On-road ability through track testing
  • Ability on bumpy roads with a uniquely designed push/pull out elasticity test


The complete package

You will get everything that you need for a fast, easy fit when you choose TRW shock absorbers, including full fitting instructions and accessory kits if required. With a full catalogue of products available to view online you can also easily find the specific parts that you’re looking for.

TRW is a name and product that you can trust whenever you need us. Our parts have a proven history of success, which means you can rely on our expertise when it comes to shock absorbers for commercial vehicles. For more information about our selection of shock absorbers, browse the online catalogue today.

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