Linkage and Suspension

TRW Aftermarket

The TRW Aftermarket range of linkage and suspension systems enables you to supply customers with high quality control arms, ball joints, tie rods and much more for commercial vehicles. Using low alloy steel and alternative metals like aluminium, TRW promises to provide excellent, high strength performance as well as improved efficiency to all commercial vehicles.

Every TRW product is produced to match the stringent original equipment (OE) specifications. With our Independent Aftermarket range, you can fit a selection of truck and trailer suspension parts to produce industry-leading performances.

TRW Linkage and Suspension products give you:

  • Five environmental tests help to improve safety in all conditions
  • High quality materials for longer lasting performance, saving businesses money in the long term


Complete product regulation

All of the TRW commercial vehicle linkage and suspension parts are tested and examine to the limit, so we have complete control over every product that we supply. This allows us to, giving you peace of mind that whenever you choose TRW parts you are getting the very best.

The range of linkage and suspension parts available from the TRW Commercial Vehicles department includes:

  • Steering columns
  • Steering pumps
  • Steering gears
  • Pitman arms
  • Tie rods
  • Tie rods ends
  • V-Links
  • Radius rods

As this exhaustive list proves, TRW has everything covered when it comes to truck and other commercial vehicle linkage and suspension.


Advanced ideas, advanced products

Calling on more than 4,000 technicians, designers, scientists and industry experts from our worldwide workforce, we produce the very latest parts for commercial vehicles for all manufacturers. This allows us to deliver parts that not only improve safety but also efficiency, keeping both you and your customer ahead of the rest.


The most comprehensive testing systems in the world

TRW takes huge pride in all of our products, which is why we test them to the extreme before they go to market.

Safety and reliability are two of our core values, and we will never compromise on quality. That’s why all of our parts are tested beyond their reasonable limits, giving drivers peace of mind that they can trust their vehicle all of the time.

Our tests cover the following:

  • Axial and radial elasticity
  • Rotational ability
  • Articulation
  • Breakaway torque
  • Pull and push out forces

We’ll also perform wear, fatigue, functional and rubber tests along with our five environmental tests to ensure that TRW parts can withstand any conditions.


Best of the best

TRW is never happy to rest on past laurels, which is why we took our commercial vehicle steering and suspension products to be tested in Germany by the FRAUNHOFER-INSTITUT independent test centre. Among the TRW parts that stood out from the crowd were the radius rods, tie rods and V-Links. Competing against six other industry leaders, these TRW products excelled, receiving top marks for durability, strength and performance. These tough tests highlighted that TRW products have the ability to perform better for longer under extreme pressure. This industry recognition is evidence that the TRW products can deliver real safety without compromise.

The results were testimony to TRW’s own testing policies, which serve to place the parts in extreme conditions that many drivers will never encounter. This means commercial vehicle drivers can have peace of mind that wherever they travel, because they can trust the TRW parts.

With your customers’ margins increasingly being squeezed and time being money, the need for high quality parts that reduce the amount of time spent off the road is critical. By giving them TRW over cheaper, lesser quality options, you will improve the performance of your customers’ commercial vehicles and save businesses money.


Tie rod end

The TRW tie rod end features an exceptionally innovative design that is smaller, stronger and longer-lasting than ever before.


Backed up by superb service

To support the fantastic performance of the TRW parts, we guarantee a premium level of customer service. TRW will supply full marketing support, providing paper and online catalogues, meaning that it has never been easier to find the correct product to match your requirements. With expert technical support as well, TRW will also make sure that all enquiries on commercial vehicle parts are addressed quickly and efficiently. You can find out more by browsing the individual product pages on our website.

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