Brake Pads

TRW Aftermarket

As a world leader in part design, manufacture and production, we can produce brake pads that meet the needs of all the major commercial vehicles in the world. With TRW, you can offer drivers performance and safety enhancing brake pads for trucks, trailers, buses and many other commercial vehicles.

The key benefits of TRW brake pads are:

  • One of the most advanced friction material in the world for better efficiency
  • They outperform Original Equipment Service (OES) parts in independent tests
  • High performance testing tracks to test bedding in period and fading and ensure exceptional safety
  • Fitting accessories included in the box
  • Compatibility with state-of-the-art anti-lock braking technology


The most advanced brake pad design on the market

Brake pads are incredibly important to the output and safety performance of any commercial vehicle. With tougher demands compared to regular cars and vans, commercial vehicle brake pads need to be more robust. By using the latest manufacturing techniques, and with our stringent testing processes, we can provide this. TRW even offers a backing plate part that has been patented and produced completely in-house – resulting in significant improvements in the shear and material contraction properties.

Additional benefits of TRW pads include:

  • Relatively high resistance to brake fade caused by overheating of brake components
  • Ability to recover quickly when wet
  • Braking force is always proportional to the pressure placed on braking pedal

The most important element of the brake pad is the friction material and, through years of research and development we understand what makes the perfect mix for commercial vehicles. 


Top of the class

With 65 brake pads as well as 26 associated wear leads, TRW is responsible for providing 95% European parc coverage. This outstanding coverage means you can serve a great braking solution to almost any CV.


The advance of the brake pad

Disc brakes were only introduced in commercial vehicles in the 1980s, with Renault being the first manufacturer to upgrade from the traditional drum and shoe braking system. With disc brakes needing high quality brake pads, this development has seen a whole host of opportunities open up for manufacturers with TRW at the forefront of all brake pad development.


A growing market

Europe is the global leader in the Commercial Vehicle (CV) industry and in 2014 vehicle registrations grew by 10.8%, with vans, buses and coaches all increasing significantly. This highlights the need for you to offer quality solutions in the commercial vehicle market.


Tested to the extreme

TRW brake parts are the some of the most respected and trusted automotive components in the world. To maintain this trust we have to consistently provide high quality products, which we achieve through our rigorous testing process.

Many of our tests focus on the fading of brake pads, which is the most critical characteristic of commercial vehicle friction material. We test our products above and beyond the intended use, which means drivers will never find themselves in a situation where they can’t trust the brake pads in their commercial vehicle. Evaluated by independent authorities in the Netherlands, our testing processes include:

  • High performance testing – this assesses the bedding-in behaviour and fading
  • Alpine simulation testing – measuring the downhill braking performance after 12 minutes of continuous braking on a 20% incline
  • Dynamometer test – in conjunction with ECE R90 homologation

The 2014 tests carried out by FRAUNHOFER-INSTITUT in Germany delivered exceptional results, with TRW products lasting longer than any other competitive products under extreme pressure. 

We also checked the amount of wear on all parts after every test and, in doing so, discovered that our products can perform better than OE products. This means we not only meet the international regulations, we exceed them.


Seamless fitting

All TRW products are designed to be as simple and easy to use as possible, including our brake pads. With fitting accessories included in the box you’ll always be able to achieve a fast, efficient fit.


Exceptional research and development

We continue to improve and advance our range of brake pads and with factories all over the world; we can call on the expertise of more than 4,000 designers, engineers and scientists to deliver cutting edge technology that continues to improve road safety.

With more than 100 years of experience in the commercial vehicle business, TRW has an outstanding record of producing high-quality aftermarket parts that can help you genuinely improve vehicle performance for your customers.

Taking the heat out of braking with Lock Sys

Because heat causes wear and failure in brake pads, we’ve created and patented a system to prevent cracking and deformation occurring between metal support and friction material.

Cavities on the metallic support, help disperse heat from the surface not directly in contact with the pistons. This arrangement improves cooling of the entire braking assembly by increasing both the surface contact between the friction material and backing plate and the dissipation surface of the backing plate itself.


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