What we remanufacture

TRW Aftermarket

If you work in the vehicle manufacturing or service and repair side of the following industries, at some point you may find it necessary to source remanufactured parts either because this is a cheaper option for your customer, or the part is obsolete:

  • Vehicle industry
    Remanufactured vehicle parts, such as brake calipers, steering racks and pumps or steering gears
  • Agricultural industry 
    Remanufactured tractor parts, such as components for tractor power steering
  • Train industry
    Remanufactured train parts, such as train brakes  
  • Marine industry
    Remanufactured marine industry parts, such as an electric hydraulic pump for a boat


TRW is a leader in the automotive remanufacturing industry, providing a global market with a wide range of rigorously tested, OE quality parts that are marketed with the same warranty as its new parts yet are up to 25% cheaper.

With the technical backing of its OE parent, TRW Automotive, dedicated remanufacturing facilities and more than seventy years of remanufacturing experience, we may be able to help you.

Specialising in providing a greener, less expensive solution and being experts in sourcing and remanufacturing obsolete parts, TRW’s dedicated Remanufacturing Group (RMG) should be your first port of call.

For further information regarding remanufactured parts, please contact us.




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