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Remanufacturing. As new

‘Our mission statement is simple - To be the leader in the area of automotive remanufacturing. We are confident that we will achieve this status because we firmly believe that what we are doing and how we are doing it, is right.’

Michael von-Linden, General Manager Automotive Remanufacturing Group (RMG)


Remanufactured parts share the same knowledge as new

The RMG allows TRW to combine our product knowledge with that of the automotive remanufacturing business. It allows us to offer customers an alternative, greener and more cost-effective solution to many parts – including parts such as remanufactured power steering pumps and rebuilt steering racks that we do not manufacture new. •Products meet 100% of OE criteria •Business is quality standard ISO/TS 16949 and environmental standard DIN ISO 14001 compliant

Having a business unit dedicated to automotive remanufacturing allows us to have a deeper understanding and communicate more easily within this market.

Currently, garages make choices for consumers. Many consumers don’t know automotive remanufacturers even exist, let alone the benefits the products bring to the environment and to their pockets.

We need to channel our message carefully. We need to reach the consumer.

Some chassis components are not suitable for remanufacturing because worn out fittings for joints, sleeves and rubber and metal elements cannot be repaired. A better solution here is to melt them down and make new parts.

We continuously analyse our portfolio to identify products suitable for remanufacturing. We’re also interested in the possibility of expanding into other areas:

  • Remanufactured marine parts
  • Remanufactured tractor parts
  • Remanufactured train parts
  • Remanufactured wind turbine parts

Our research shows that remanufactured calipers, reconditioned power steering pumps and rebuilt steering racks are used in vehicles for these other modes of transport.


Award winning automotive remanufacturing facilities

We are completely committed to the area of Remanufacturing and invest millions of Euros in research and development at our cutting edge facilities.

“TRW’s two main automotive remanufacturing facilities in the Czech Republic and the UK are admirable examples of quality and innovation.”

William Schwarck, Editor in Chief of ReMaTecNews magazine.


TRW automotive remanufacturing sites

Location – Frydlant, Czech Republic 150 km East of Dresden

  • Size - 50,000sqm site
  • Number of employees - 260

Location - Wrexham, Wales

  • Size – 10,000sqm site
  • Number of employees - 127
ProductAnnual volumeLocationTotal no of parts in range
Remanufactured steering
racks (power)
60,000 FDL/WRX 500
Remanufactured steering
racks (manual)
10,000 FDL/WRX 110
Remanufactured power
steering pumps
49,000 FDL 350
Remanufactured calipers 420,000 FDL/WRX 1200
Remanufactured steering gears (HCV) 3,200 FDL 30
Remanufactured calipers (HCV) 1,500 FDL 22
Remanufactured mechatronics (Column drive) 200 FDL 11
Remanufactured mechatronics (Electro hydraulic pumps) 20,322 FDL 36


The automotive remanufacturing process

If treated carefully, remanufactured steering racks and pumps can be rebuilt more than once. By contrast, brake calipers are only reconditioned once, as after their second ‘life’ the piston guides and threads have worn to such an extent that remanufacturing is no longer viable.

We also provide an automotive remanufacturing service for your own parts. Useful if you have a classic car or unique utility vehicle. Talk to a TRW expert to find out more. 


Automotive Remanufacturing - First scheme in Europe

When you buy remanufactured steering parts, rebuilt calipers, remanufactured electronics or remanufactured mechatronics, you benefit from more than seventy years of automotive remanufacturing experience. True genius stands the test of time and that is certainly true of our remanufacturing capability. Many of the principles first introduced in the 1930s still apply today. •Strict core returns policy •Remanufactured in line with strict OE guidelines •Testing and warranty as new

TRW gained braking and electronic capabilities when it bought Lucas Varity in 1999. You benefit from that expertise and become part of that history every time you purchase a component from our automotive remanufacturing portfolio.

‘The test of an innovation is that it creates value’ – Peter Drucker

We have been adding value to our remanufacturing services since Lucas introduced the B90 scheme in the late 1930s as an innovative new concept to offer a fully guaranteed factory rebuilt replacement unit, at a cost comparable with a normal repair.

Workshop repair was quite common at this time, but this was the first automotive remanufacturing program in Europe, possibly even Worldwide.

B90 stands for the section of the ledgers and the page number in which the scheme was recorded.   There was a gap in production until the remanufacturing programme was released again in updated form as the ‘B.90 factory Exchange Service’ in 1949, with a greater number of parts and full product warranties.




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