Remanufacturing by TRW – Let’s make the automotive world greener


Remanufacturing offers great erefficiency and uses fewer resources, while maintaining the high eststandards of performance 

TRW is one of the leaders in the automotive remanufacturing industry, providing a global market with a wide range of rigorously tested, OE quality parts that are marketed with the same warranty or even longer. 

With the technical backing of its OE parent, TRW Automotive, dedicated remanufacturing facilities and more than seventy years of remanufacturing experience, we may be able to help you. 

Specializing in providing a greener solution and being experts in sourcing and remanufacturing obsolete parts.


Sustainability is our main driver!

Natural resources are limited and very valuable. Remanufacturing is a natural answer to restore a value and increase a product lifecycle. Thanks to the advanced processes we can reduce CO2 emissions, save energy, and raw materials. TRW remanufactured products can support to become greener supplier. Let’stake together responsibility for the future.


Testing remanufactured parts Quality matters! 

All TRW’s remanufactured automotive products are safety critical – and we take no chances with the safety of any of our parts. We offer customers an alternative, greener and more cost-effective solution. Products meet 100% of OE criteria. Business is quality standard ISO/TS 16949 and environmental standard DIN ISO 14001 compliant.


Reverse logistics –Have an impact on the availability!

As we move towards a greener and cleaner world, remanufacturing has never been more important. However, this cannot happen without a good quality core, so the whole process starts with its safe removal and return. Through the  core return process, we can provide you with the highest availability of remanufactured parts. 


Award winning automotive remanufacturing facilities

We are completely committed to the area of Remanufacturing and invest millions of Euros in research and development at our cutting-edge facilities. “TRW’s two main automotive remanufacturing facilities in the Czech Republic and the UK are admirable examples of quality and innovation.” William Schwarck, Editor in Chief of ReMaTecNews magazine.



Remanufacturing Process


CLEPA defines a remanufactured partas: ‘fulfilling a similar function to the original part. Manufactured using a standardised industrialized process in line with specific technical specifications.

The industrialized processin corporates defined core management standards. A remanufactured spare part is warranted as a new spare part.’ A definition is completely in line with TRW’s remanufacturing philosophy. And we are passionate about spreading the word. 

It’s our priority to lead the way and to be a voice for the remanufacturing industry. We are working hard with keyAssociations such as APRA and CLEPA who have a responsibility and key role to play in leading industry change and promoting the issue of automotive remanufacturing with the EU Commission


  1. Sorting
    We start from sort the incoming old parts and identify them by part number. Damaged or incomplete parts are not used.

  2. Automotive remanufacturing and testing
    The old components are completely disassembled and rebuilt achieving an as new condition. Parts that can’t be remanufactured are replaced by corresponding original or equivalent parts.

  3. Assembly
    The as-new individual parts are assembled to TRW’s specifications. Permanent interim checks and final testing guarantee that TRW’s high-quality standards are 100% met.

  4. Packaging
    All products that go through TRW’s remanufacturing process are securely packed for transport, warehousing, and sales.

  5. Logistics
    TRW stores the products until ordered and provides worldwide distribution.


Core return process


Cores are the used automotive parts retrieved from vehicles when these are replaced in the workshop. The remanufacturing process starts with collecting them. TRW is working in conjunction with other well-known names in the automotive remanufacturing industry and industry body CLEPA, to identify the perfect returns solution for your business. 

Only parts returned in proper condition and in accordance with our strict return procedures are suitable for remanufacturing. Parts that have been forcibly removed, dropped, or mistreated after removal are usually not suitable for remanufacturing. When a part has been returned to TRW in a suitable condition, the deposit value is credited to the garage. 

We’ve put together this handy guide to demonstrate what constitutes a ‘good’ part – and what doesn’t. Whether you’re a distributor or a mechanic, you should consult this guide before returning any parts to us to ensure it makes the grade. 


Download core acceptance guide