TRW easycheck

TRW easycheck is a handheld electronic service tool with an impressive range of functions. Fully portable, you can read and clear fault codes and carry out service tasks on the spot.

TRW easycheck functions

Read and clear fault codes and carry out other service tasks for:

  • Brake - Electric Park Brake and ABS
  • Climate - Climate control systems
  • Scan - EOBD and manufacturer specific fault codes. Comprehensive EOBD functionality including live data, freeze frame data, actuator operation and more
  • Service - Service interval data and service light reset
  • SRS - Airbag and pre-tensioner systems
  • SAS - Steering angle sensor
  • TPMS - Tyre pressure monitoring system
  • EMS - Engine management system

TRW easycheck - how it works

  • The TRW easycheck tool is handheld and fully portable
  • The tool plugs directly into and is powered through the vehicle's EOBD connector
  • Adaptor cables for servicing non-EOBD compliant vehicles and systems are also available to order
  • The TRW easycheck tool is simple to use and requires no special training

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