Wheel Cylinders

TRW Aftermarket

TRW Aftermarket Wheel Cylinders are the number one in Europe when it comes to vehicle parc coverage. And with the biggest range of wheel cylinders on the market to help you serve almost any vehicle, we’ll continue to lead the market with a range that provides excellent vehicle coverage and exceptional part quality.

What you get from a TRW wheel cylinder:

  • Original equipment spec rubber seals and dust caps to resist ageing
  • Robust manufacture in cast iron
  • Option to specify lightweight aluminium bodies
  • Anodized pistons to improve strength and durability
  • PCRVi (Pressure Conscious Reducing Valve Integrated) to reduce pressure build up at the rear brake


A wheel cylinder with premium performance

TRW Aftermarket Wheel Cylinders are far more resistant to ageing than alternative cylinders because each one is fitted with an original equipment spec rubber seal and dust caps. If you’ve seen them, and used them, you’ll know that the TRW brand on wheel cylinder castings and dust caps has always been a guarantee of premium product quality.


Lighter wheel cylinders to meet your needs

We supply wheel cylinders in lightweight aluminium as well as in cast iron. The automotive world demands lighter components that maximise safety, and that’s why we’ve developed wheel cylinders in lightweight aluminium bodies, because they reduce the weight added to the vehicle while retaining the same reliable performance. We can develop these innovations because we’re a global leader in the design, development and manufacture of safety critical, original equipment quality braking, steering and suspension parts and systems. Investing in the development of lightweight parts that deliver a heavyweight performance delivers better parts for you to fit, and we’ll go on developing parts like this to meet your needs.


Wheel cylinders of original equipment quality

A TRW Aftermarket Wheel Cylinder is an original equipment quality brake part, giving you like-for-like replacement that gives confidence to you and your customer. End users need to know that the invisible safety in their cars works every time. That’s why all TRW Aftermarket Wheel Cylinders are 100% end of line tested to ensure that they conform to our stringent original equipment standards. In fact, we’re so confident of the quality of our wheel cylinders that we offer an additional three-year guarantee in the event of a defect in material or workmanship.


We’ve got your wheel cylinders covered

When you choose to buy TRW Aftermarket Wheel Cylinders, you’re selecting from a range with great availability. We have 600+ part numbers in the TRW Aftermarket Wheel Cylinder catalogue and cover  52% of the European vehicle parc. With more than 600 references, that makes TRW number 1 in TecDoc wheel cylinder parc coverage.


The benchmark for wheel cylinder quality

If you’re looking for durability, trust TRW. In a benchmark study testing the durability of our wheel cylinders against two leading competitors, our wheel cylinders came out on top, with a lifespan average of over one million cycles. That’s a rating 16% higher than the nearest competitor. With TRW Aftermarket Wheel Cylinders, you can offer your customers reliable quality, excellent performance, and optimised safety every time.


Seal of success

Our wheel cylinders have also been rigorously tested for contamination and end of line controls. While competitor products were found to exhibit a significant level of contamination of aluminium or steel particles in the sealing area, to have seals fitted the wrong way round, or missing completely, our components came out on top. That’s yet another reason why TRW Aftermarket Wheel Cylinders are reliable, dependant, everyday components that you can fit with confidence.


Guaranteed wheel cylinder quality

We’re so confident in the quality and testing of our wheel cylinders that we offer a market-leading 3-year or 60,000-mile (100,000 km) guarantee. We have an outstanding reputation with vehicle manufacturers for our drum brake and actuation products at an OE level, so much so that, at the time of writing, actuation is our biggest area of growth in braking. And our on-going technical advances and business wins at an OE level mean that our aftermarket program benefits from unrivalled technical expertise.


Tested to the limit

We evaluate every element of the wheel cylinder to maximise safety. We do that through testing. All TRW Aftermarket Wheel Cylinders are 100% end of line tested to ensure that they conform to our stringent original equipment standards. We conduct 100% end of line pneumatic testing with complete accuracy assured by sensors within a resolution of 1,000,000. The test is conducted using the manometric method, which, by employing absolute pressure decrease, is reliable, repetitive and safe.


OE specification seals

All rubber components in our wheel cylinders have to fulfil the following OE acceptance criteria:

  • High Tensile and Tear strength
  • Low compression set (20% max)
  • High resistance to ageing in air at high temperature (150 - 200°C)
  • High resistance to brake fluid at high temperature (4 weeks at 150°C)


Reduce the pressure with PCRVi

If a valve fails, and the rear axle locks, drivers may lose control of their vehicle. To prevent this, TRW Aftermarket Wheel Cylinders with PCRVi fulfil the highest technical standard in order to reliably reduce the brake pressure build up at the rear brake.


Aluminium Wheel Cylinders for reduced wear

Some suppliers often provide cylinders that are fitted with cheaper steel pistons that are at risk of corrosion if not surface-treated. TRW Aftermarket’s aluminium wheel cylinders are fitted with aluminium pistons. With housings and pistons that are both anodized, you can offer customers wheel cylinders with both pistons and casings that provide a corrosion resistant and wear-resistant surface.


A more reliable wheel cylinder

With features such as original equipment spec rubber seal and dust caps, aluminium options with corrosion and wear-resistant surfaces and PCRVi to reduce pressure build, TRW Aftermarket Wheel Cylinders offer premium quality and reliability for your customer. Put this together with our extended guarantee, wide coverage and our wheel cylinder range gives you so many opportunities to provide a better, safer fit.

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