Brake Kits

TRW Aftermarket

We’ve carefully designed and packaged TRW Aftermarket Brake Kits to help you achieve easier, faster and consistently accurate fitting of our industry-leading braking components. We guarantee premium quality and superior performance, where there’s no need to reuse worn or corroded components as you work.

Choosing the TRW Aftermarket Brake Kit offers the following benefits:

  • A 'right first time fit’ every time, with everything you need in a single box
  • The number one Brake Kits in Europe when it comes to application coverage, offering  145 references
  • ECE R90 approved brake shoes, free from heavy metals
  • Three-year or 60,000 mile (100,000km) warranty on all wheel cylinders
  • Dedicated in-house dynamometer testing for your safety


Rear brake shoes

Naturally, each element in the Brake Kit is designed and engineered with meticulous attention to detail. Not only are brake shoes based on Original Equipment specification and the latest engineering developments, but they also have linings approved to TRW Original Equipment levels, are ECE R90 approved, and are free from heavy metals.


Wheel Cylinders

Wheel cylinders are fitted with rubber seals and dust caps that meet TRW Original Equipment standards and are prominently branded as an assurance of top quality. They also carry an extended three-year or 60,000 mile (100,000 km) warranty for complete reassurance.  


Pull-off and Steady Springs

The all-important pull-off springs are made to retain their tension, mile after mile. If tension is allowed to decrease, noise and rattling can develop in the brake drum and braking force can become uneven, compromising both stability and safety. The TRW springs included here in our brake kits provide longer life and reliable tension rates.


Everything you need

We want to make sure you can fit a TRW Brake Kit right the first time and every time. We do this by giving you everything you need in just one box, including:

  • Brake shoes
  • Wheel cylinders
  • Shoe hold down pins
  • Pull-off springs
  • Steady springs


Testing taken to the limit

As with all TRW Aftermarket parts, brake kits are tested on the bench, on the track and on the road. And unlike most aftermarket manufacturers, we have our own dedicated in-house dynamometer facilities so that we can test for ourselves, without relying on third party facilities at any stage.


Safety, savings and singular quality

TRW Aftermarket Brake Kits give you quality, safety, cost efficiency and ease of fitting in a single box. You save time and cost because repair times are much lower with TRW Brake Kits. And every TRW Brake Kit is made to meet Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) levels, giving you material quality and reliable performance. The TRW hologram you’ll see on every box is your guarantee of genuine quality because the contents are built and tested to our unmatched standards.

We’ll keep you well served into the future, too. We’ll always aim to be first to market with our range of extensions, delivering cutting edge products year on year. And because the environment is important to all of us our brake linings are heavy metal free, and castings are totally chrome 6-free.

TRW Brake Kits are ECE R90 homologated. We’re proud to comply with the latest European standard regulations for brake components.


TRW makes all the difference

The brake drum is fundamental to safety and stopping power so it’s vital to fit the best parts available, and fit with precision. A fitting kit comprising the best quality aftermarket components makes that a certainty, every time. TRW Aftermarket Brake Kits always match Original Equipment Manufacturer [OEM] standards, offer 145 references and are seriously cost efficient because they minimise repair times.

TRW balances worldwide scale with meticulous attention to detail. Being one of the largest businesses in the international aftermarket, we have the expertise, determination and wealth of experience to create the very best components. Every element in a TRW brake kit benefits from our 100-year heritage, our dedication to quality and our innovative spirit.  It all means that you can get on with the business of using our fitting kits, safe in the knowledge that you’re using benchmark quality parts with no compromise on engineering standards.

To find out more about TRW Brake Kits, you can browse the full selection of Brake Kits in our parts catalogue.

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