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TRW Aftermarket Brake Drums provide the levels of performance and durability demanded by automotive manufacturers, industry professionals and customers in their millions: it’s no surprise that our brake drums cover 46.6% of the European vehicle parc. With 350 references and multiple times the amount of models featuring integrated bearings and bi-metallic construction, we’re the definitive brake drum specialist to provide great part quality for your customer.

Our brake drum range, which includes over 61 brake drums with integrated bearings and the choice of 15 bi-metallic brake drums, delivers some excellent performance characteristics and features. Powerful stopping capability, high torque capacity and consistent responses even under extreme load are just some of the strengths we’ve engineered in.

With TRW brake drums, we can offer you:

  • The number two brake drum brand in terms of TecDoc application coverage
  • A range featuring 61 brake drums with integrated bearings, making your fit simple and accurate
  • 15 bi-metallic brake drum options so that you can offer improved performance and safety
  • Everything you need in one box – grease, seeger ring, nut and fitting instructions – for a faster fit
  • Drum brakes made using the Simplex design for quality and quiet operation


The best drum brakes: unnoticed but vital

Across the world you’ll find millions of TRW Aftermarket Brake Drums fitted to all kinds of vehicle makes and models. The fact that they largely go unnoticed by those who rely on them is testament to the reliable, fuss-free, long life nature of our products. Countless safe journeys are completed every day, everywhere because at TRW we’re passionate about achieving total safety and industry leading quality.

With drum brake technology enjoying something of a revival and 45% of new cars still fitted with them, the demand for failsafe, high quality replacement parts is set to stay strong for many years to come. The drum brake remains the most cost effective solution for rear braking in most cars and we’ll continue to lead the Original Equipment (OE) market – trusted by leading manufacturers and automotive industry professionals everywhere.


One of the leading market suppliers for drum brakes

With over 350 references, our comprehensive and diverse drum brake range covers 46.6% of the European vehicle parc, so it’s not surprising that TRW brake drums are number  two for TecDoc application coverage. Naturally, every product is manufactured to our OE specification, and as ever, everything you need to complete the job safely and swiftly is in the box.

You’ll also find that each brake drum is clearly marked with a traceability code, maximum diameter and date. And to offer the best solution for you, your customer and the environment, our drum brake range is also chrome 6-free.


Drum brakes with integrated bearings

The TRW range includes 61 brake drums with integrated bearings. This gives you a number of key benefits including:

  • Integrated bearings to ensure perfectly accurate fitment every time, maximising safety.
  • An integrated bearing design that’s simpler and quicker to fit in the workshop.


Bi-metallic drum brakes

There’s also a choice of 15 bi-metallic brake drums made with steel and cast iron. With these parts, performance and safety, especially in challenging conditions, is exceptional.

  • The bi-metallic construction prevents expansion when high temperatures are generated during braking.
  • The spheroidal cast iron used needs less material than ordinary cast iron to withstand heavy braking loads. This material also prevents ‘twist off’ during heavy braking, transforming safety in challenging conditions.
  • During the melting process, graphite is treated with magnesium to form a sphere with high tensile strength like steel.


Leading where it counts

TRW drum brakes use the trusted and durable Simplex design. For quality, quiet operation, and of course warranty cover, they lead the market. Made at our Original Equipment Pontypool plant, TRW drum brakes have some serious global customers. Ford fit them to both Focus and Fiesta models.


Leading from the rear. Why using the best drum brake matters.

It’s commonly understood that over 70% of braking power is achieved by the front brakes. But this shouldn’t mean that the safety critical importance of rear brakes is overlooked. Rear brakes are vital for maintaining the stability of a vehicle during braking and so they should be of the highest quality possible, built without compromise and fitted with precision.

TRW brake drums lead the market for quality and performance. They meet the standards of OE customers such as Ford, Mitsubishi and Renault and are engineered to be simple to fit, safely and professionally, saving you time and money.

Find out more about the full range of Brake Drums and other automotive safety solutions available from TRW Aftermarket by following the links on our website. You can also browse the full selection in our parts catalogue.

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