ATEC brake pads

TRW Automotive’s history includes over 100 years in the development of braking technology, both for original equipment and aftermarket customers. The company has a strong tradition of knowledge sharing between the OE and aftermarket divisions. As one of the world’s leading suppliers of original equipment brakes, TRW Aftermarket benefits from the results of years of research and development conducted by engineers supplying the toughest customers of all, vehicle manufacturers.

TRW’s R&D department is constantly developing new friction materials with the goal of exceeding customer expectations. The twelve factories around the world which manufacture TRW brake pads are all run to the same high standards and are established and regularly audited by TRW’s OE engineers.

TRW ATEC is an advanced material developed for all entry and medium level vehicle models in Asia Pacific.

It is designed for customers whose requirements are value for money and good braking performance as well as comfortable and safe driving.

Components and features of a TRW ATEC brake pad:

  • Backing plate: ATEC is fitted with high-quality steel backing plates which are powder coated according to TRW's OE standards to help protect against oxidation
  • TRW Branded: Branded with TRW logo, part number and batch code for easy identification and tracking.
  • Friction Material: ATEC's advanced formulation ensures reliability and high performance at all temperatures (from ambient to 500°C) and pressures
  • Scorching: Intense heating of the brake pad material to 600-700°C scorching which speeds up the bedding in process.
  • Bonding: Premium heat-resistant adhesive compound for effective bonding during frequent braking.
  • Shim: Fitted with a TRW designed phenolic shim which absorbs the vibrations that cause noise, virtually eliminating brake noise such as squeal.
  • Wear Indicator: Fitted with a high quality wear indicator or sensor if one is supplied at OE
  • Slot and Chamfer: ATEC brake pads match OE designs that effectively eliminate vibration and noise.



TRW brake pads have extensive range coverage for Japanese, Korean, European and American applications in Asia Pacific. In China, TRW covers 93% of the car parc. In Malaysia, TRW brake pads cover 96% coverage and in Thailand over 94%.
TRW is committed to releasing a part number twelve months after a new vehicle is released into the market. This means that with TRW, you can have the most up to date range available.


Excellent Performance

TRW’s engineers do not release a new material into the market until it has undergone rigorous testing procedures, both in the laboratory, on test tracks and then on the road in field tests. The OE specified AK Master Test is used on both EU and Asian references to ensure the friction material is suitable for all vehicle types. The test results show that TRW’s advanced ATEC material provides consistent braking performance over a wide range of test conditions.


Better Wear Resistance

TRW ATEC brake pads not only have a lower wear rate than the nearest competitor, tests also show that they are less aggressive on the disc.


Less Noise

As with all TRW friction materials, TRW ATEC has very low noise occurrence. This is as a result of a superior friction formulation and the use of phenolic shims, which help to absorb the vibrations which cause noise.

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