Master Cylinders

TRW Aftermarket

It’s OE matching, quality parts that keep your business turning, enabling you to make an easy, fast fit that keeps jobs moving through the garage and keeps your customers satisfied. Take TRW Aftermarket Brake Master Cylinders. They’re a range of premium, original equipment quality brake parts, giving you like-for-like replacement confidence every time.

With a TRW Aftermarket Brake Master Cylinder you get:

  • A robust brake cylinder manufactured in steel, aluminium or cast iron
  • The option to choose light aluminium bodies to reduce vehicle weight
  • A high coverage range of premium quality parts, all supplied with fitting accessories
  • A protective, durable and environmentally friendly coating with the latest chrome 6-free ‘silver’ finish for steel and cast iron models
  • Original equipment spec rubber seals and dust caps to resist ageing


More coverage equals more business with the TRW Brake Master Cylinder

TRW Aftermarket offers 1334 part numbers in the brake master cylinder range, which covers 72% of the European vehicle parc. What’s more, our extensive range includes brake master cylinders for most Asian car applications. With TRW Aftermarket Brake Master Cylinders you can give your customers excellent service from a premium range that offers increasingly wide coverage, all backed by more than 100 years of TRW experience as an original equipment aftermarket leader.


Lightweight brake cylinder parts, heavyweight brake cylinder performance

To meet the growing need across the automotive world for lighter components that maximise safety, we’re increasingly supplying our brake master cylinders in lightweight aluminium bodies as well as in steel or cast iron. Our aluminium brake master cylinders reduce weight, while retaining performance and guaranteeing long part lifespan. As a global leader in the design, development and manufacture of safety critical, original equipment braking, steering and suspension parts and systems, we’ve invested in innovation to deliver lightweight parts that deliver a heavyweight performance, and will continue to do so in the years ahead.


Faster brake cylinder fitting

The exceptional performance of TRW Aftermarket Brake Master Cylinders is available from a high coverage range of parts, all supplied with fitting accessories, so you can fit unmatched original equipment quality fast. Everything we do at TRW has one objective – to make sure that garages and installers are able to satisfy customers profitably – and that’s been proven time and again right across our brake master cylinder range.


Chrome 6-free finish

The steel and cast iron brake master cylinders in our range are coated with the latest chrome 6-free ‘silver’ finish. That means longer brake master cylinder lifespan and less damage to the environment – and you’ll be in line with EU directive EU 2000/53/EG. As the need for safety and the speed of technological change creates a need for ever more complex parts, we’ll give you the innovations that mean you can serve better products to more customers to keep your business turning.


Every brake cylinder is end of line tested

We evaluate every element of each brake master cylinder to maximise safety. We do this through meticulous testing. All TRW Aftermarket Brake Master Cylinders are 100% end of line tested to ensure that they conform to TRW’s stringent original equipment quality standards, and we also put them through rigorous testing in the lab with up to one million cycles. In fact, we’re so confident of the quality of our brake master cylinders that we offer an additional three-year guarantee in the event of a defect in material or workmanship.


Brake master cylinders with the seal of quality

All TRW Aftermarket Brake Master Cylinders are fitted with original equipment specification rubber seals and dust caps, which means they are far more resistant to ageing. In the automotive industry, the TRW brand on brake master cylinder castings and dust caps has always been a guarantee of premium product quality, and our recent innovations show that we’re still working to enhance their quality even further. Our aftermarket range of brake master cylinders now incorporates the latest advances developed for original equipment, including fixed seals. Put this together with our extended range of aluminium wheel cylinders, which deliver reduced vehicle weight as well as extended part lifetime – plus our extended guarantee for 3 years or 60,000 mile (100,000 km) – and our brake master cylinder range has the seal of quality in more ways than one.


Added safety for your customer

So how important is the quality of a brake master cylinder? The simple answer is vitally important. The ‘invisible’, safety critical parts of the braking system, hidden under a drum or inside the car, are often not given the same degree of consideration as brake discs and pads. But if drum brake and actuation system components such as brake master cylinders, brake hoses or brake fluid are not working properly it can contribute to a serious reduction in braking performance. Checking these parts regularly and fitting good quality, OE matching aftermarket products when necessary is essential. That’s why the premium quality and wide coverage of our TRW Aftermarket range of brake master cylinders enables garages, installers and end users alike to maximise safety for almost any vehicle.


Great service for brake master cylinders and beyond

At TRW we can offer unbeatable, premium quality brake master cylinders because we operate across the world, listen to customers and deliver the advances they need. We keep you ahead of the game by aiming to be first to market with innovation, and we’re equally fast when it comes to updating product information, responding to technical queries and helping in any way we can. All this goes hand in hand with our drive to deliver wide range coverage and premium quality through in-house manufacturing. Because we’re global, our technical service and performance standards are the same the world over. That’s what enables us to create added value for you through product differentiation, leading technology and service that you can trust, wherever you are.

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