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Buying from TRW means you can trust every single product, because we’re one of the most respected and admired suppliers of brakes and brake parts in the world. Through our Drum Brake and Actuation Systems range, we guarantee to deliver unbeatable safety, helping you to give the best possible service to your customers.

Choosing TRW Brake Hoses gives you:

  • A choice of 1,400 Brake Hoses covering 87% of the European vehicle parc
  • The lowest volumetric expansion rate in AMECA tests, giving better stopping times and superior pedal feel.
  • Exact concentric fitting holes to make sure there is a free flow of brake fluid

We are very proud of our work, and you can be too by choosing TRW Brake Hoses.


Brake Hoses matter

It’s easy to forget the importance of a Brake Hose among the many parts that make up a braking system.

In simple terms, the Brake Hose is a safety critical item on all vehicles. Operating under extreme stress whenever the brakes are used, they need to be checked regularly, as any faults will lead to a loss of brake fluid. This will mean a drop in pressure, which can lead to catastrophic brake failure.

The only way to find out whether a Brake Hose is working properly or not is to carry out a visual inspection. If cracks or leaks are visible it could be an indication that the whole brake network is damaged, as most brake parts wear out at the same rate as each other. TRW recommends that Brake Hoses are changed every five years or 31,000 miles (50,000 km) to make sure that safety isn’t compromised at any point.


Top of the Brake Hose class

Manufactured to TRW’s OE specification, our Brake Hose programme was awarded first place in an industry benchmark test for Volumetric Expansion carried out by the Automotive Manufacturers Equipment Compliance Agency (AMECA). The test revealed the exceptionally low volumetric expansion rate of our products compared to competitors, offering drivers superior pedal feel and improved stopping times.


Precisely designed to match complex modern braking systems

TRW Brake Hoses have been crafted with modern cars in mind, as exact concentric fitting holes make sure there is a free flow of brake fluid. This is especially important for vehicles with advanced Anti-Lock Braking Systems (ABS) and Electronic Stability Control (ESC) as it allows for optimal pressure dump.

TRW provides high-pressure Brake Hoses made from rubber, Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), steel or a combination of rubber and steel. Using these materials allows us to provide a product that has high resistance to humidity, chemicals and fuels and ensure that all of our hoses are produced in line with the Equipment Compliance Notification by AMECA. This means that all Brake Hoses from TRW are produced to not just meet but exceed the stringent OE standards, as well as the international specifications SAE J1401 and FMVSS 106.

Fitted with 100% zinc coated end fittings, our Brake Hoses are protected against rust, and with four layer high-quality fabrics, the hoses that we supply have exceptional flexibility and resistance to atmosphere as well as chemicals in fuels and grease.


Global leader

Occupying the best European vehicle parc coverage position, as well as 1,400+ references and extensive coverage of Japanese and Korean vehicles, we can help you serve almost any customer. The range of Brake Hoses from TRW covers a wide range of manufacturers, including Honda, Toyota, Kia, Mazda, Nissan and Hyundai.


Practice means perfect

The only way to ensure that our hoses perform on the road in high-pressure situations is to test them to the extreme. This is exactly what we do, over and over again. Our testing process features:

  • A pressure test up to 200 bar
  • 100% leakage examination
  • Destructive burst test up to 1100 bar
  • Brake fluid compatibility test – conducted in an oven heated to 120oC for three days
  • High pressure assessment test
  • Volumetric expansion test
  • Whip check to ensure a constant pressure of 20 bar and at 800 revs/minute
  • Tensile test

Find out more about the full range of TRW Brake Hoses as well as all the other automotive safety solutions available from TRW Aftermarket by following the links on our website. You can also browse the full catalogue if you are searching for a specific part by entering your vehicle information into the form on this page. 

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