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Drum Brake and Actuation Systems products are crucial for minimising the wear and maximising the performance of brakes, providing a safer and more efficient performance for your customer. Through our range of brake fluids, including the advanced DOT 4 and DOT 5.1 fluids, we can provide specialist brake care for a wide selection of vehicles, so that you can give better service to more drivers. And when you know that our products reduce corrosion and improve rubber performance better than any other brake fluid on the market, you know that, to give the best customer service, you should choose TRW.

The key benefits of choosing brake fluid from TRW Aftermarket are:

  • Our brake fluids prevent water contamination and debris corrosion in master cylinder rubber parts
  • DOT 3, DOT4 and DOT 5.1 brake fluid – brake fluid solutions for any type of vehicle
  • Class leading testing techniques to keep you on the road

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Enhanced fluid performance to match advanced braking systems

As vehicles become more advanced, our products need to keep up with the constant changes. Among the many latest developments in the industry is the inclusion of advanced braking systems in most new cars, including the electronic stability programmes (ESP). As ESP technology develops, brake fluid needs to act quicker to maximise the performance of the system and prevent cars from skidding.


Changing brake fluid protects

Whenever drivers use their brakes, the brake fluid heats up and as brake hoses get older the amount of moisture that gets into the system increases, which means the brake fluid boiling point is lowered. This can be dangerous because if the brake fluid reaches boiling point through the use of the brakes, ‘vapour lock’ will occur, which can result in brake failure. This is why it’s important to change the brake fluid of a vehicle on a regular basis.

Owing to the exceptional quality of the TRW brake fluids, high-level performance is delivered for longer, but drivers should still change the brake fluid in their vehicle regularly to maintain performance and uphold safety levels.


Prevent corrosion

As well as brake failure, not changing the brake fluid in a vehicle can lead to the master cylinder rubber parts becoming corroded. This can be detected easily and quickly by checking the colour of the brake fluid. If the fluid is dirty or has turned a dark colour, then it needs to be changed immediately, otherwise the braking systems could become damaged.

DOT 3 fluid needs to be changed every year, with DOT 4 and DOT 5.1 every second year. By doing this, you will prevent water contamination and debris from shortening the life of the whole braking system.


Rigorously tested to guarantee safety

We aim to exceed expectations in all that we do, which is why we carry out more thorough tests and examinations of our brake fluids than anybody else. Safety critical testing areas include wet and dry boiling points and viscosity, which helps us to far surpass the requirements of the international DOT SAE 1703 specifications.


DOT 3 brake fluid

With the full range of brake fluids on offer from TRW, you can provide a suitable solution to all types of vehicles, regardless of age or specification.

DOT 3 brake fluid is designed for vehicles with drum brakes front and rear as well as hydraulic clutch systems. Further, some Japanese car manufacturers recommend DOT3 brake fluid for their vehicles with ABS and ESP.


DOT 4 brake fluid

We recommend the DOT 4 brake fluid for vehicles with disc brakes on the front and drum brakes on the rear. DOT 4 is also ideally suited to vehicles with disc brakes all round as well as those fitted with ABS. The special DOT 4 ESP has been added to the range to offer support for vehicles that are fitted with electronic stability programmes and ABS. If you’re choosing a brake fluid for a high performance cars, use the DOT 4 GP fluid, which has been designed specifically for racing applications. As is clear from the wide coverage that DOT 4 brake fluid provides, it is an excellent choice for anyone who needs to cater for a wide selection of vehicles.


DOT 5.1 – the latest in brake fluid innovation

The newest addition to the TRW brake fluid range is the DOT 5.1 ESP. Ideal for heavy, high performance cars, DOT 5.1 provides an extra level of safety, which can cope with ambient temperatures from -50oC up to +50oC, meaning brakes will perform to their best in all conditions.

DOT 5.1 ESP has been designed to complement the very latest ESP, with the low viscosity of the brake fluid allowing for a faster increase and decrease of the pressure needed for varying braking demands.


As class leaders in the aftermarket business, we’re constantly updating and improving our brake fluid products. You can find out more about the latest developments by browsing the news section of our website. For more information, review our online catalogue.

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